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Justin Smith, Sarah Phillips, Camille Nicita and Susan Scarlet, ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper argues that the continued emergence of Big Data and advanced analytical techniques presents the need for organisations to leverage analytics in combination with market research in order to map the consumer journey and deliver truly consumer-centric experiences.

Nicole Huyghe and Bart Vandenreijt, ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper demonstrates how Carrefour, the supermarket chain, combined market research principles with big data to improve ROI from its loyalty programme in Belgium.

MMA Smarties, Bronze, 2015

This case study explains how Lifebuoy, the soap brand owner by Unilever, used flood warning mobile ads and reminders about hand hygiene to improve brand scores in Indonesia.

MMA Smarties, Gold, 2015

This case study explains how KappAhl, a fashion brand, developed a mobile loyalty program.

MMA Smarties, Gold, 2015

This case study shows how Sunsilk, a shampoo brand, used a campaign on Zalo, a social mobile app, to increase loyalty among young women in Vietnam.

MMA Smarties, Bronze, 2015

This case study details how Dunkin' Donuts, the food chain, partnered with the Discovery Channel in the US to reach more people and drive social media engagement.

MMA Smarties, Silver, 2015

This case study explains how Xbox One, the games console, promoted a compilation of video game Halo with a 3D online experience.

Sam Williams-Thomas, Market Leader, Quarter 4, 2015

This article explores the technology solutions at the disposal of retailers today that will enable them to offer their customers highly personalised shopping experiences.

Donald E. Sexton, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 55, No. 3, 2015
This article warns that that a wake-up call is needed for many companies that either ignore or respond inadequately to negative social media. Brand managers continue to underestimate how negative customer perceptions may affect their brands and eventually their organizations' revenue, profits and stock prices.



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