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Product placement

Product placement is a form of paid advertising in which branded products and services are noticeable within an entertainment production, such as a movie or TV show. Product placements are presented in way that will generate positive feelings towards the advertised brand as it is mentioned, displayed, used or significantly featured in some other way. The aim is for the audience to develop a stronger connection with the brand and therefore think more strongly about using it themselves.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article highlights some real world examples of product placement that is contextually appropriate to the program, the category and the audience. The paper looks at the changing role of product placement in a fragmented media landscape, including integrations with esurance and Turner broadcasting.
The view from media agency MEC on developments in personalised placements for on-demand television.
The effectiveness of product placement for audiences that are new to this technique.
Research that highlights some interesting points to consider when designing a product placement strategy.

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