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A series of talks including podcasts and webinars covering today’s pressing marketing challenges.

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Recent instalments of the WARC Podcast, including longer, in-depth episodes and digestible 3 in 15 podcasts.

Current episodes

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Tuesday 11th June
WARC Talks

How synthetic data is transforming marketing research

WARC’s Paul Stringer talks to Jon Lombardo and Peter Weinberg about what synthetic research is, how synthetic data will impact marketing, and what marketers can do to mitigate any risks of working with this data.
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Thursday 6th June
WARC Talks

Bullshit strategy - and how to avoid it

WARC's SVP content David Tiltman speaks to strategist and author, Alex M H Smith about his latest book ‘No Bullsh*t Strategy’.
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Tuesday 4th April
3 in 15

3 in 15: The Future of Digital Commerce 2024

WARC Media’s Head of Content Alex Brownsell talks to reports editor Gregory Grudzinski about three key takeaways from the 2024 Future of Digital Commerce report.
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Thursday 30th May
WARC Talks

Marketing Truth #5: Building brands is much bigger than advertising

In this fifth episode of WARC’s Marketing Truths series, Ann Marie Kerwin and Morgan Flatley discuss brand building beyond just advertising and how to get the organization on board.
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Tuesday 28th May
WARC Talks

Rethinking brand purpose

Lena Roland talks to Nick Astbury and Thomas Kolster about the rise of purpose, what post-purpose looks like, and the role awards can play in changing the narrative around purpose.
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Thursday 23rd May
3 in 15

3 in 15: WARC Awards winners 2024

David Tiltman speaks to WARC's Awards lead John Bizzell about three winning case studies entered into the 2024 WARC Awards.
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Tuesday 21st May
WARC Talks

Attention beyond the screen

Alex Brownsell talks to Ailsa MacKenzie, Sarah Harding, and Pierre Bouvard about whether attention matters in all media channels.
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Thursday 16th May
WARC Talks

A new blueprint for brand growth

WARC’s David Tiltman talks about the Blueprint for Brand Growth with Kantar’s Jane Ostler, discussing the three growth accelerators outlined in the book.
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Tuesday 14th May
WARC Talks

Does marketing move share prices?

WARC’s SVP content David Tiltman discusses the contribution of marketing to a company’s stock valuation with three experts on this topic.
WARC guide cover featuring person holding price tag
Thursday 9th May
3 in 15

3 in 15: How marketing impacts pricing

Lena Roland and Anna Hamill talk about the latest WARC guide to marketing’s impact on pricing, discussing the role of brand equity in pricing, the importance of a strong price-value equation, and how some brands undermine their pricing power.
Social media GAT report cover
Tuesday 7th May
3 in 15

3 in 15: Social media reaches new peaks

WARC's David Tiltman and Alex Brownsell talk about three important findings from the latest Global Ad Trends report with a focus on social media.
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Tuesday 2nd May
WARC Talks

Beyond performance marketing: Strategies to maximise short and long term outcomes

Discusses how best practices for performance marketing and measurement are approached at Meta.


WARC regularly partners with marketing thought leaders to present in-depth webinars, getting you up to speed on the most pressing marketing challenges today.

Latest webinars

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11th June 2024

Getting to the right brand and demand balance

Moving beyond the brand and demand debate, top marketers reveal their approach to integrating short and long-term strategies to achieve brand growth and lessons for creating an integrating marketing organization.
AI image of woman surrounded by technology and tools
19th February 2024

Marketer's Toolkit 2024: Presented by WARC

Aditya Kishore, Director of Global Marketing and Insight at WARC, presents findings from the 2024 Marketer's Toolkit.
woman looking at lamp
8th February 2024

Creating cultural advantage: How to leverage global shifts in culture

This WARC Guide to Creating Cultural Advantage roundtable webinar unravels the intricacies of cultural advantage in today's marketing landscape.
5th December 2023

How to win The WARC Awards 2024

John Bizzell, in conversation with Wendy Walker, discuss insights on how to win The WARC Awards as well as sharing some top tips on how to craft a winning entry.
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2nd November 2023

Dive into the new WARC Media

WARC’s Alex Brownsell and James McDonald talk through the latest content and data products from WARC Media.
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18th October2023

Insights to know with WARC: October 2023

WARC’s Lorissa Anderson sets out what trended on WARC in the third quarter, and what marketers need to know.
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17th October 2023

Building brands today: Digital media strategies for short- and long-term growth

WARC delves into insights from the latest Spotlight EMEA, sharing strategies for marketers to build their brand and drive growth on digital media.
brand building graphic
11th October 2023

Why brand building is essential to scaling up profitably on digital marketplaces

Results from a study by WARC, Perpetua and Tracksuit, which proves brand awareness drives greater effectiveness in performance marketing.

WARC at Cannes Lions 2023

Together with our sister brand LIONS, we’re proud to launch Creative Impact at this year’s Cannes Lions. A new stream of content, co-curated especially for the industry, to help people understand, tackle and thrive through some of the biggest challenges facing marketers today.

Creative Impact sessions

Session recordings

The 3rd age of effectiveness

Les Binet, Grace Kite and Tom Roach

Looks at how evaluation and measurement are maturing, an analysis of the ARC database and brand-building in the platform world.

Session recordings

The triple opportunity of attention

Orlando Wood, Karen Nelson-Field and Rob Brittain

Reveals how prioritising high-attention media achieves greater mental availability and business effects.

Session recordings

Strategy is constipated, imagination is the laxative

Rob Campbell, Paula Bloodworth and Martin Weigel

Looks at how we can make strategy exciting again, with imagination being the key to making strategy great again.

Session recordings

Creative impact unpacked: Building brands for a new economy

James Hurman, Nancy King and Amin Mrini

Looks at two perspectives on building brands fit for a digital economy, so that you have the latest arguments and evidence to support your own programmes.

Session recordings

Is popular culture dead?

Marcus Collins, David Tiltman, Lena Roland and Ellie Bamford

This year’s Future of Strategy debate looks at how marketers can understand the transformation in popular culture and looks at the implications for connecting with consumers and building brands.

Session recordings

How a promise to the customer gives campaigns the edge

Roger L. Martin and Jann Schwarz

Looks at whether making a ‘Promise to the Customer’ could be the new mental model that marketers need and reveals the findings of new research from WARC and the B2B Institute.

Session recordings

Think different: The DNA of breakthrough brand shareholder growth

Dom Boyd and Felipe Thomaz

Kantar BrandZ and the University of Oxford Said Business School share why brands need to go beyond mental and physical availability to maximise commercial value.

Session recordings

Under Pressure: Marketing in a new financial era

JP Castlin and James Hankins

This follow-up to last year’s celebrated keynote ‘The Gravity of e-Commerce’, breaks down the harsh reality now facing marketers everywhere – and what will be expected in markets to come.

Session recordings

Precisely wrong or vaguely right? The miraculous power of uncreativity

Rory Sutherland

Looks at the magic of creative phenomenology and the many applications for creativity.

Session recordings

Happy tension: The power of CMO and CFO partnership

Raja Rajamannar, Sachin Mehra and Kelly Llanos

Looks at understanding the impact of a CMO and CFO connection, including how it enables marketers to build the brand, drive the business and create competitive advantage.

Session recordings

From missteps to a billion-dollars: The journey of creative risk-taking

Doug Martin, Melissa Wildermuth and Scott Galloway

Discusses creative risk-taking and sacrifices that turn young brands into billion-dollar brands.

Session recordings

Creative impact unpacked: Building a culture of creative effectiveness

Tariq Hassan, Marques Gartrell and Aditya Kishore

Looks at why is culture so important to effective work and shares exclusive insights from a groundbreaking new study into what it takes to build a culture of creative effectiveness.

Session recordings

A masterclass in creative quality

Anastasia Leng

From brand uplift to media efficiencies to sales efficiencies, this session delves into key principles to help you deliver full-funnel impact.

Session recordings

The sweetest formula: Sustainability meets sales in the real world

Richard Edelman, Amanda Edelman, Randi Kronthal-Sacco and Christina Bauer-Plank

Uncover findings from NYU Stern and Edelman through their partnership with nine iconic brands, looking into what sustainability claims motivate consumers the most.

Session recordings

Navigating B2B seismic shifts: LinkedIn’s first annual B2B benchmark report

Melissa Furze, Jennifer Duffy Halloran and Mark Penn

Shares insights from the new ‘B2B Marketing Benchmark’ report, identifying the trends shaping B2B like skills-based hiring, AI and the evolving role of the CMO.

Session recordings

The undeniable impact of high-value B2B brands

Craig Duxbury, Suzanne Kounkel and Savio D’Souza

Reveals the why and the how of building B2B brand value.

Session recordings

Make ‘brand’ simple again: Make a promise to the customer

Mimi Turner and David Tiltman

Details the findings of a study of more than 2,000 campaigns to see what happens when companies build communications around a specific promise to the customer.

Session recordings

Creative Impact Unpacked: Can purpose rediscover its purpose?

Mie-Leng Wong, Sukesh Nayak and Darren Bailes

Takes viewers behind the scenes of a Cadbury campaign, uncovering the lessons for building a powerful, modern purposeful brand and how purpose can fuel effective creativity.

Session recordings

Retail reimagined: How you can harness creativity to drive growth

Seth Dallaire

Looks at how you can unlock value, drive growth and build customer loyalty through creativity and agility.

Creative Impact Masterclasses