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Radio & audio

Radio is a reach medium with universal appeal, targeting an attentive and captive audience. Listeners have a strong emotional connection with their chosen station, and radio can cost-effectively extend reach and build mental availability. Naturally, the effectiveness of advertising varies by the creativity and relevancy of ads. Use of music is also an important factor. Audio and radio audiences have changed significantly with the rise of podcasts, digital radio and streaming.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article sets out some tips and guidelines for using radio as part of the media mix. It argues that radio has several key benefits as an ad channel, including mass reach, targeting by particular audience or time of the day and topicality, as well as having creative flexibility and a lower entry cost than other media.
A guide to formulating an effective advertising strategy on radio.
Using broad reaching, emotionally charged radio to enhance engagement and increase brand recognition.
Nielsen research showing that radio tends to reach consumers close to the point of purchase.
Best Practice paper on the difficulty of measuring radio now that it is integrated with other channels.

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