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At WARC, we believe in effectiveness. We try to arm our readers with ideas that help them become more rigorous. To do that, we enlist the foremost experts in marketing theory and practice to share their guidance.

With subscribers in over 100 markets, WARC is the perfect platform to showcase your work to a global audience of marketing professionals. We are interested in hearing from anyone with publishable content that relate to the interests of WARC’s core readership: senior staff working in planning, strategy and insight functions within agencies; marketing decision-makers within advertisers and brands; and research and commercial directors within media owners.

Opinion pieces

Original thoughts or reactions to news circulating in the marketing landscape is one of the primary reasons readers turn to WARC to stay on top of cutting-edge developments, get a hot take on an ongoing debate, or absorb a unique framework for thinking that addresses a core marketing question. We’ll be looking at how well it builds on what we’ve already published and whether it stimulates further discussions among the WARC audience. It need not be long and it certainly can be written in a casual commentary style. What is important, useful, novel, or even counterintuitive about your opinion?

Case studies

WARC publishes cases of marketing excellence from all over the world. If you have an example of successful marketing you would like to see published on WARC, you can send it to us so our readers can learn about insightful campaigns in all geographic regions. WARC is used by subscribers who are constantly looking at case studies for inspiration. Your work will feature on our site as an example of best practice for the global advertising industry. For inclusion in the WARC Case Finder, please submit the case via email with as much detail as possible. WARC will edit, summarise, translate and distribute the case study and all related materials (caseboards, photos and videos). What is the logic behind your case and how can it be applied today?

Knowledge articles

For every step of the marketing process, WARC helps brands to remain focused on proven approaches to maximise returns on marketing budgets. Our popular knowledge essays include ‘How to’ articles on both timely and timeless themes, as well as a growing collection of data-led trend analysis. Together, these offer knowledge on a vast array of marketing, advertising, communications, technology, innovation, creativity and media topics. We welcome thought leaders and subject experts interested in contributing to our knowledge pool in either British/American English or simplified Chinese. If the article becomes part of a larger, long-form report, authors will be sent a PDF copy.

Academic papers

For academics doing R&D in all areas of marketing, WARC calls out to professors and students with new thinking. Submissions should ideally be rewritten for management executives and industry readership so that WARC can help you expose your research to a broader audience of practitioners. There is a preference on publishing summarised articles with key implications and actionable findings.

Style guidelines:

  • Articles could be fewer than 2,000 English words or 5000 Chinese characters, excluding references and any appendices.
  • If your argument needs room to breathe, do give it what it’s worth, let it flow and we will tighten it during the editing process.
  • Empirical data (i.e., quantitative, qualitative, or mixed) are encouraged. Figures and tables can be placed within the text.
  • Please do not use acronyms (unless they are very well-known, but spell it out on first mention) and minimise jargon so that the content is clear to readers from all disciplines.
  • Tackling marketing’s biggest challenges should influence your writing style, namely, that propagation of ideas and arguments is fine, if backed by proof.
  • Overt promotions of the author's company or products may be edited out.
  • Bear in mind that WARC has an international readership, so parochial references to niche examples or topical matters that are well-known locally may be unfamiliar to many people.
  • Copy should not depend on charts and tables for its comprehension. Visuals and graphics should provide supplementary information and enhance the presentation of the article.
  • Campaign stills, product shots or other imagery should be in jpeg, png or tiff format, 300 dpi in resolution, and also sent as separate files.
  • Should significant editing be required that would materially change the narrative, the author may be asked to redraft or revise the article.
  • WARC will assist with the briefing, confirming the outline, suggesting structural improvements, and final proofreading. We retain final decision rights over headlines, takeaways and standfirsts.
  • We have an organisational commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion; thus we strive to avoid stereotypes, bias, and discriminatory language.
  • Please disclose any substantive financial relationships with companies or contracted clients cited in the article.
  • Please attribute any data citations, direct quotations, paraphrased statements, borrowed ideas and reporting drawn from other media outlets.
  • On the use of generative-AI, we ask our contributors to share whether and how they’ve used these tools, and credit accordingly.
  • Author credits will be given. A brief biography and a company description can be sent with the submitted byline.
  • For more publicity, contributors might be invited to do a short podcast, spin-off webinar, or roundtable panel on a selected basis.

Here are the qualities we look for when evaluating pitches.

WARC wishes to provide practical granularity that’s more prescriptive than descriptive, and that fulfils the 3Es below:

Expertise – contains smart advice and real-world applications (You don’t have to be well known, but you must know about the subject at hand.)

Evidence – contains supporting research / relevant data / interesting studies

Examples – contains case studies or explanations of in-market effectiveness

WARC deeply appreciates the time and energy required to prepare a piece for our publication, and we are grateful to you for that investment in us and in yourself.

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