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Print refers newspaper and magazine advertising. Print adspend, particularly in newspapers, has been in steep decline in many markets due to the rise of digital media, and the transfer of ‘classified’ advertising to platforms like Google. With the increase in digital as a news and information source, newspapers and magazines are evolving into cross-platform brands. To differentiate themselves from other websites, newspaper and magazine publishers now frequently promote themselves as high-quality contexts in which a brand can advertise.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This Best Practice paper offers guidance on reaching and engaging newspaper audiences. The paper looks into the strategic value of placing newspaper ads, overs an overview of how ad impressions are measured and points towards future multi-platform development in the sector.
A guide to integrating newspapers and newsbrands into the heart of a media strategy.
Best Practice paper summarising the best ways to use magazines as an advertising channel.
The very different experiences of reading newspapers and magazines on a tablet and in print.
This tool allows you to build adspend data for channels, including newspapers and magazines.

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