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Warc News, 06 October 2015
NEW YORK: Worries about the impact of ad blocking on mobile may be overstated but continuing anxieties are likely to result in advertisers exploring new ways of getting their message across, industry figures have said. A recent report suggested that .

Warc News, 30 September 2015
GLOBAL: A campaign for Heineken by R/GA London, which utilised social listening to provide real-time entertainment recommendations to consumers, took the Best in Show award at the 2015 Global Smarties Awards run by the Mobile Marketing Association. T.

Irene Joshy, Ruchira Jain and Shivkumar Raman , ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper details a two-step research process to enable PepsiCo, the food and snacks company, to understand the diversity of food and flavour preferences across India and to develop successful products for different sub-regions.

Warc News, 23 September 2015
NEW YORK: PepsiCo, the food and beverage giant, is seeking to move beyond simply being an early adopter of new technology and experiences, and is instead seeking to "co-create" these efforts in a bid to engage millennials. Carlos Saavedra, senior dir.

Warc News, 23 September 2015
LONDON: Banks are focusing on the wrong places in their attempts to stay relevant to a shifting customer base that is driven by technology and need to rethink their business models and value propositions a new study says. A report from investment fir.

Warc News, 21 September 2015
MUMBAI: Marketers in India appreciate the importance of mobile and are twice as likely as other APAC nations to have a formal mobile strategy, but they continue to devote only a small proportion of their budgets to this channel, new research has foun.

Warc News, 15 September 2015
RANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA: MasterCard, the payments company, believes innovation should be defined as "creativity with a job to do" if it is to yield the maximum benefit for brands. Adam Broitman, vp/senior business leader in MasterCard's Global Digita.

Mark Earls, Warc Webinars, September 2015

In this Warc Webinar, Mark Earls explores how copying can help create better solutions, faster.

Joseph Clift, Event Reports, Cannes Lions, June 2015

This event report highlights the importance of innovating around a classic design.



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