Multicultural Marketing

Insights on developing campaigns to reach different cultural groups

Multicultural Marketing

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Silver, Food & Grocery, 2014
This case study describes how PAM, a cooking oil spray brand owned by ConAgra Foods, emphasised the ease of cleaning pans after use of the product in order to appeal to US Latino females. The brand had previously advertised positive good-food related benefits, but found through research that its low residue formulation was seen as a benefit by consumers because it reduced pan-washing time.

Joseph Clift, Event Reports, MRS Annual Conference, March 2014
This event report discusses how market researchers can engage with pockets of consumers who are often neglected or hard to reach. In attempting to replace its out-dated telephone system for deaf consumers, Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, partnered with Opinion Leader on a mix of qualitative and quantitative projects, which revealed some previously-anticipated findings, and identified several surprising areas where this audience was discriminated against.

ANA Magazine, Winter 2014
This article presents three winning campaigns of the 2013 ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards, and explains what made them successful. City Year, an education organisation which recruits young adults to work in schools with children at-risk, used a combined social media and an offline campaign to increase brand awareness.

Steve August, Admap, March 2014
This article describes the impact of mobile technology on qualitative research, arguing that this equates to a paradigm shift in its ability to give researchers access to behavioural insights in the real-world. Three examples of the value of mobile are given: a project which looked at how economic difficulties had changed the role of US fathers in their families; Proctor and Gamble research into Latina consumers, in order to develop a new hair care product; and research to understand why a diaper brand lost market share as babies grew bigger.

Design Business Association, Silver, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes how Bio Green, a yoghurt-based products company, redesigned and relaunched its product range. The relaunch was undertaken during a trial placement in Tesco supermarkets, with the new package design communicating modernity and authenticity with an ethnic twist.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, ANA Multicultural Marketing, November 2013
This event report discusses General Mills' developing approach to multicultural marketing. As a big player in categories ranging from breakfast cereal to flour and canned soup, the company has a keen interest in reflecting the changing face of American society - and, especially, that of the family.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, November 2013
This event report discusses Diageo's approach to reaching those groups of consumers which have traditionally been regarded as "minorities" by brands. Rather than using the term "multicultural" marketing, the firm prefers the idea of "culture-plus" communications – that is, a model led by inclusive and total market advertising, backed up by touchpoints with particular relevance to these groups – be they Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans or members of the LGBT community.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, November 2013
This event report discusses how IMAN, the beauty brand targeted at multicultural consumers, has tapped into the rising affluence, digital savvy and comparative youth of its core audience. IMAN's strategy is embodied by the introduction of its BB Crème, which was unveiled on YouTube by a select group of beauty bloggers and made available to pre-order online, before then going on sale in bricks and mortar stores.

Mary Beth McCabe, International Journal of Mobile Marketing, Vol. 8, No. 2, 2013
Seven in 10 U.S. Hispanics now uses a smartphone, and digital analytics can identify these engagement patterns as Hispanics bypass desktop and laptop computers for tablets and mobile phones.



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