Behavioural Targeting

Targeting ads based on user behaviour

Behavioural Targeting

Elina Halonen, ESOMAR, Asia Pacific, Singapore, May 2015

This paper looks at how culture can influence consumer decision making and how applications of behavioural economics can be adapted for the Asian context.

Brian Carruthers, Event Reports, Advertising Week Europe, March 2015

This event report explains how URL shortening services can help marketers track traffic to their website from 'dark social'.

Lena Roland, Event Reports, Kinetic Moving Minds, April 2015

This event report considers how new technologies such as wearables and beacons may affect the world of marketing.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, ARF Re:think, March 2015

This event report covers how Dannon, the dairy group, has enhanced the status of its Light & Fit brand - a player in the very competitive US weight-management category.

Richard Shotton, Admap, May 2015

This article argues that advertisers should optimise the timing, social setting and media context of ads to influence purchase decisions and maximise effectiveness.

Tom Laranjo, Admap, May 2015

This article outlines five lessons from the anthropology of human behaviour that could help media planners find the most effective context for their advertising solutions.

Sean O'Farrell, Admap, May 2015

This article outlines key technologies and examples of proximity marketing, and provides some ideas to help marketers get started.

Phil Shaw, Admap, May 2015

This article argues that, rather than prioritising between technology and creativity, the key to success is in developing creative big ideas that are true to the brand, and using data and technology-driven approaches to execute them in the right context.

Magnus Fitchett, Admap, May 2015

This article argues that advertisers need to make better use of data and technology to deliver content to people in the right context and build personal connections.



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