Behavioural Targeting

Targeting ads based on user behaviour

Behavioural Targeting

Vicki Loomes, Admap, October 2015

This short article suggests that brands should help people break out of demographic stereotypes and express their individual identities.

John Kearon and Tom Malleschitz, ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This article describes how 3, the UK mobile operator, shifted its advertising strategy from a rational, persuasion-based model to a seductive, emotional approach based on behavioural science, which grew its brand considerably.

Anurag Vaish, Sema Sgaier, Steve Kretschmer, Ram Prasad, Tim Sweeney, Jeff Mulhausen, Katie Plocheck, Maaya Sundaram and Maria Eletskaya, ESOMAR, Winner, Best Case History, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper explains the intent-action gap for male circumcision in Africa, and uses behavioural economics to propose some solutions.

Dave Choate and Chad R. Maxwell, ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper identifies a new approach to leveraging insight from social media, focusing on who is doing the talking rather than what is being talked about.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, Social Media Today webinar, September 2015

This event report discusses how Nestlé Purina, the pet food specialist, is aiming to understand consumers who are interested in its social media content, but do not actively engage with it.

Research on Warc, Circle Research, AppNexus, Warc, IAB Singapore and IAB Australia, September 2015

This report examines attitudes around programmatic advertising and reveals findings from a global survey of advertising professionals.

John Kenny, Warc Webinars, September 2015

This webinar focuses on how the science of behaviour change, in particular behavioural economics, can provide a common language for multi-disciplinary teams.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, 6Sense webinar, September 2015

This event report outlines how Cisco, the technology group, is using predictive intelligence to inform its marketing and sales efforts.

Crawford Hollingworth, Market Leader, Quarter 4, 2015

This article explores how the sense of ownership created by sensory experiences in-store can be replicated online.



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