Warc Trends Reports

Innovation Casebook

July 2016

Innovation Casebook 2016

  • Altruistic innovation that addresses societal needs pays off
  • Tangible, physical products still have value in a digital world
  • Data-driven innovation can solve business challenges
  • Millennials share extensively and use innovative ideas as social currency
  • Case studies from brands including Vodafone, Volvo, Rip Curl and SmartLife
Connection Strategy Report

May 2016

Connection Strategy Casebook

  • Channel strategy is at the heart of modern creativity
  • Partnerships can deliver reach and credibility
  • Brands are adopting a sophisticated communications architecture
  • Data opens up opportunities for all stages of campaign development
  • Case studies from brands including Coca-Cola, Emirates NBD, O2 and Johnnie Walker
Asia Strategy Report

February 2016

Asia Strategy Report

  • The state of Asian strategy: Local brands lead the way
  • The changing channel mix: Social strategies are maturing
  • India remains Asia's strategy leader
  • The power of cultural insight: Challenging taboos can be effective
  • Case studies from brands including Cebuana Lhuillier, McDonald's and Tiger Beer
Toolkit 2016

December 2015

Toolkit 2016

  • Targeting 'moments' and developing a connection strategy
  • In-house skills for blending data with creativity
  • Marketing attribution and effective video content
  • Strategies for connecting with Generation Z
  • Case studies from brands including adidas, Allianz, Taco Bell and IBM
Seriously Social 2015

October 2015

Seriously Social 2015

  • The shift to 'paid social'
  • Drivers of social success
  • Drivers of commercial effectiveness
  • Social in the media mix
  • Case studies from brands including Coca-Cola, Newcastle Brown Ale and Virgin Mobile
Asia Strategy Report

April 2015

The Innovation Casebook 2015

  • How to adopt a 'challenger' mindset
  • Innovative campaigns don't need big media budgets
  • 'Utility' is core – get to grips with product development
  • Use social media to drive a real-world response
  • Case studies from brands including Optus, Colgate, UTEC and Audi
Asia Strategy Report

March 2015

Asia Strategy Report

  • Media is increasingly 'baked in' to smart strategy
  • Digital is opening up new strategic models
  • India has an effectiveness 'advantage'
  • Cultural insight remains
  • Case studies from brands including Hindustan Unilever, Coca-Cola and Old Spice
Toolkit 2015

December 2015

Toolkit 2015

  • How to maintain a long-term vision while being agile
  • Understanding Millennials and finding the right social strategy for your brand
  • Joining up the shopper experience across channels
  • How programmatic technology and neuro techniques can help build brands
  • Case studies from brands including Pepsi, Westpac and Mercedes-Benz
Seriously Social 2014

October 2014

Seriously Social 2014

  • The success of top-down and bottom-up social strategy
  • Whether a cause-driven social strategy is more effective than a brand-story strategy
  • Using social as a long-term brand-building tool
  • The effectiveness of social strategy across multiple channels
  • Case studies from brands including Doritos, ONLY, Chobani, MINI and Mizuno
Toolkit 2014

January 2014

Toolkit 2014

  • Why marketers are rethinking their approach to digital
  • The need for a shopper strategy
  • Standing out in the crowded content space
  • What the rise of programmatic means for marketers
  • Case studies from brands including Nike, Samsung Galaxy, Kellogg and IBM
The Content Revolution

December 2013

The Content Revolution

  • Why content is popular, and how brands are using it
  • Analysis of three types of content strategy, and how they fit with a brand's other marketing activity
  • Focus on social and video content
  • Case studies from brands including Dos Equis, Audi, Nike, Canon and AT&T.
Asia Strategy Report

November 2013

Asia Strategy Report

  • How smart strategy can unlock brand growth
  • Global brands are rethinking their strategy to gain greater cultural relevance in the region
  • Locally owned brands, particularly in India, are raising their game
  • All of the winning cases from the 2013 Warc Prize for Asian Strategy
  • Brands include Philippines Tourism, Pepsi, Lifebuoy, Gillette and McDonald's
The Innovation Casebook

August 2013

The Innovation Casebook

  • Innovation is effective and can deliver significant business results
  • Innovation does not require big budgets
  • Examples of innovative solutions that are not tech-based
  • Case studies are drawn from the Warc Prize for Innovation
  • Featured brands include Art Series Hotels, Rom, McDonald's, Oreo, IKEA, ecostore and Dettol
First Movers

July 2013

First Movers

  • Putting value for consumers at the heart of their proposition
  • Targeting the multicultural mainstream and adapting to the new shopper environment
  • Adopting a mobile mindset and responding to 'Generation screen'
  • Featured brands include Glad, Nature Valley, adidas, HBO and Virgin Mobile
Seriously Social

January 2013

Seriously Social

  • Effectiveness trends in social media marketing
  • Analysis of patterns in media channel selection, duration and campaign budgets
  • The heaviest sector and brand users of social media
  • Key issues facing social media marketers
  • Featured brands include Hellmann's, GRAACC, Gillette, NAB, Metropolitan Police, AT&T
Toolkit 2013

January 2013

Toolkit 2013

  • The biggest challenges facing marketers in 2013
  • Shifts in consumer expectations, making the most of mobile, social media and 'big data'
  • Case studies that demonstrate how leading brands have responded to the challenge
  • Featured brands include James Ready, Tiger Beer, Rimi, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Unilever
Asia Toolkit 2012

July 2012

Asia Toolkit 2012

  • Asia's new middle-classes and rethinking 'glocal' brand management
  • Using cultural insight, orchestrating media and using social media
  • Employing brand journalism, sponsorship that works and Asia's adspend trends
  • Featured brands include Intel, Maybelline, Cadbury, Philips, Nissan and Hero Honda
Shopper Marketing

June 2012

Shopper Marketing

  • The impact of digital technology and new data sources on shopper marketing worldwide
  • How brands are innovating along the customer journey
  • Focus on shopper integration, including tips for integrating shopper work with broader activity
  • Featured brands include CoverGirl, McDonald's, De Bijenkorf, Coca-Cola and Burger King
Mobile Marketing

May 2012

Mobile Marketing

  • Key trends in consumers' use of mobile devices
  • Mobile and the consumer landscape, and the opportunities that the channel offers to marketers
  • How mobile can support different objectives such as building brands and growing sales
  • Planning of mobile campaigns, and strategic issues for brand owners in emerging markets
  • Featured brands include Lynx, The Economist, Land Rover and Johnnie Walker
Toolkit 2012

January 2012

Toolkit 2012

  • The key challenges that marketers face in 2012 and how major brands are responding
  • The rise of the new middle classes, 'Glocal-plus' brand management and media orchestration
  • Growth through innovation, sponsorship ROI and integrating offline and online word-of-mouth
  • Brand journalism, social media measurement, real-time planning and cultural insight
  • Featured brands include P&G, Intel, Stella Artois, Kraft Mac & Cheese and Heineken