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The WARC Guide to creating cultural advantage

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This WARC Guide provides a summary of new thinking and best practice on creating cultural advantage, addressing:

  • Shifting global-local dynamics
  • Adapting to the glocal
  • How to stay close to culture
  • Navigating cultural sensitivities

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Contributing articles

Developing ‘CQ’: Why cultural intelligence is required to create effective work

Author Wendy Siew
Company EssenceMediacom

Culture 3.0: A new paradigm for brands to engage with communities

Author Amber Haank and team
Company Amaru

Integrated and accelerated: Understanding the modern marketing model

Author Shufen Goh
Company R3

Understanding the double-edged sword of culture and polarisation

Authors Paola van Cappellen
Company Creative Culture

Going glocal: Why modern brand marketing is like a symphonic orchestra

Author Dominique Touchaud
Company Shokunin Marketing

Moving beyond ‘just enough’: How to sense check your cultural strategy

Authors Jenn Chin
Company Uncommon Kind

Cross-cultural communication: Transcreation is no longer just about language

Author Phoebe Shen and team
Company RF Thunder SG

‘Being operationally fit’: LUX on leveraging underlooked areas of cultural advantage

Author Swarnim Bharadwaj
Company Unilever

Why Southeast Asian brands are primed to take on global growth

Author Adji Saputro
Company Kantar

Global brands in local contexts: Are they working as well as they used to?

Author Alex Haigh
Company Brand Finance

How Asia is becoming an exporter of global culture

Authors Acacia Leroy
Company Culture Group

Cultural hybridity: The future of branding

Author Laurence Lim
Company Cherry Blossoms Intercultural Branding

Cracking the code of consumer motivation in an age of reverse glocalisation

Author Victoria Hoyle and Virginia Alvarez
Company Wunderman Thompson

Navigating a heightened political climate: How US companies must sharpen social issues engagement strategy

Author Andrea Hagelgans and Ebony Brown
Company Edelman

Navigating business, culture and politics: How brands can connect with consumers

Author Nick Hope
Company Edelman UK

Walk this way: How to engage in culture in a meaningful way

Author Marcus Collins
Company University of Michigan