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WARC Awards for Effectiveness: Channel Pioneer

The Effectiveness Show 2023

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Grand Prix

Dead women with eyes open

The Last Performance

Partners Life
Special, Auckland
Dai-ichi Life Holdings
New Zealand

Partners Life partnered with New Zealand's favourite murder mystery show to convince customers to take out insurance by using the ‘hindsight of the dead’.

Partners Life demonstrated the risk associated with an unexpected death by using the murdered characters as spokespeople.

Every episode offered unique hindsight into the consequences of an unexpected death and the campaign generated a 70% increase in website enquiries.


Woman conducting a self check for breast cancer

Self Check-Out

K. Lynn Lingerie
Leo Burnett, Dubai
K. Lynn Lingerie

K-Lynn encouraged of women in the UAE to conduct self-checks for breast cancer and book mammograms by turning its models' poses into a step-by-step guide.




Channel Pioneer

Rewarding pioneering media practices, including the leveraging of emerging platforms, innovative uses of existing media, and efforts to invest in a conscious approach to media.

2023 Judges

A judging panel of industry experts, chaired by Beatrice Boue, Global Head of Media, De Beers, will be reading the entries.

This category is about recognising and rewarding campaigns that effectively leverage new and emerging platforms. However, it also champions innovative and pioneering use of long-standing media creating culturally relevant campaigns and content, including examples where media is used in ways to promote societal good.
Beatrice Boue

Beatrice Boue, Chair of the Use of Data and Channel Pioneer categories, WARC Awards for Effectiveness 2023
Global Head of Media, De Beers