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The WARC Spotlight China series focuses on a timely industry topic facing brands in the market. It comprises a capsule collection of commentary, tackling the topic from a range of angles. Contributors to the series are industry experts with first-hand knowledge of the market in focus, offering current on-ground insights to what’s working or developing.

The latest spotlight: The Economic Aftermath of 'Long COVID'

Taking stock of China's state of marketing in the 'Long COVID' era, this Chinese-language Spotlight reflects the mindset of local marketers who must first accept this reality before breaking down the challenges of a permanently-reshaped business landscape.
We look at how to combat the country's downward economic pressure and how to respond to the tightening of consumers' purse strings with global guidance. A real recovery seems to be waiting in the wings as China sticks to its ‘Zero-COVID’ policy, so we imagine marketers dare not relax as some key sectors have been hit hard with spillover effects. It is time for small and medium-sized enterprises that have not fallen to break out of their slumps; it is also good for big brands that were already solid in pre-pandemic times to get into a rhythm of future-proofing and adjusting strategies in a sobering slowdown.


How Coca-Cola's 3A model can facilitate Chinese SMEs' post-pandemic strategic choices

Author Curtis A. Ferguson, Zhiren Mao
Company Ventech China

How to be creative and innovative in an overwhelmingly competitive rat race

Author Paul Zhou
Company illuminera (意略明)

To separate the wheat from the chaff, screen for short-, intermediate- and long-term marketing trends

Author Jeanette Phang
Company Publicis Groupe EDGE

A few tips for B2B marketers to survive

Author Hanni Peng
Company Time Note Book (时光笔记簿)

When will the unprecedented havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism industry blow over?

Author Weiwen Guo
Company Weekend Hotel app (周末酒店度假APP)

"Moon" or "Sixpence"? An ode to the three powerful forces behind offsetting negativity for marketers

Author Nolen Chu
CompanyYoung Lion Communications

Economic fluctuations call for necessary innovation in China's OOH space

Author Abby Wong
Company Initiative Media (极致传媒)

Reconstructing a new world of 'marketing within 3km' as the era of hedonic consumption ends

Author Vincent Li
Company Hilti

Stop ineffective “Guochao” (China-Chic) marketing in an economic downturn

Author Carol Gao
Company BBDO China

How to strategically and steadily prepare for offline store expansion plans

Author Sarah Jia
Company WARC China

How to make prudent media investments during high media inflation

Author Sarah Jia
Company WARC China

A story of the resilient Chinese baijiu liquor category

Author Jun Zhang, Sarah Jia
Company WARC China

Where does the confidence for brands to raise prices come from in the face of inflation?

Author Sarah Jia
Company WARC China

The game is not over for global brands in China, here’s how MNCs should futureproof themselves

Author Rogier Bikker, Dixi Chern
Company Media.Monks

Crocs x Essence x Mediacom webinar: How to reduce costs yet improve efficiency in budget allocation and media plans?

Author Sarah Jia
Company WARC China

A new growth breakthrough for auto companies under the pressure of resource shortage and market saturation

Author Sarah Jia
Compay WARC China

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