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18 October 2017 You might notice a few changes on the site, with the launch of WARC Data, a new resource focusing on trends in global advertising and media investment.
17 October 2017 If you’re a behavioural scientist in the tech industry, you’re in high demand, writes Mark Bell, Chief Experience Officer at Dare.
16 October 2017 One of the global leaders in AI, Google, is using the technology to create consumer-centric interaction using data points to identify intent and passion, writes Katie Sterling As consumer behaviours are increasingly complex AI has an integral role to play.
13 October 2017 Recent research shows that TV sponsorships drive long term brand awareness and account for 5% of TV ad spend since 2010.
12 October 2017 Students don’t tend to like brands, but brands need to talk to them, but they are a complex group, described by just one term over a period of intense transition.
11 October 2017 Madison Avenue is synonymous with Adland, keeping the name even after most agencies were chased away by high Manhattan rents and shifting fashions.
10 October 2017 The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to be a seminal moment for UK marketers. To truly understand what it means, the first step is to forget a lot of what you have already heard about it.
05 October 2017 The rumble in the jungle, it wasn’t. Nor was it the Thrilla in Manila.
04 October 2017 Faris Yakob agrees with Google that a world of instant gratification powered by always-on mobility has changed consumer behaviour, but warns not to confuse the value of ‘decisive moments’ with that of long-term brand activity that impacts purchase decisions down the line.
04 October 2017 Advertising is a talent business, but advertising and marketing isn’t the pull it once was, so, Gareth Kay argues, creative companies need to build more stimulating working environments to attract the most interesting people.
04 October 2017 Anvar Alikhan charts the rise of Indian leather goods brand Hidesign and uncovers the secrets of its success.
04 October 2017 When it comes to addressing the work-life balance, Malcolm White believes advertising should take a leaf out of William Morris’s book and find ways to make work more satisfying, instead of just encouraging people to work more flexibly.
04 October 2017 Mike Teasdale discovered some of the secrets to building a successful brand when working on the launch of the New Covent Garden Soup Co.
03 October 2017 Ahead of the  Audience Analytics & Insight  conference on the 11th October, speaker Nicky Owen, Advertising Specialist at Credit Suisse, talks about knowing the aspects of success and bringing teams together.
02 October 2017 Electric cars are far from the future – they are part of now, as manufacturers and legislators take note.
29 September 2017 Ahead of the Audience Analytics & Insight conference on the 11th October, Simon McDonald, Managing Director, UK, at DVJ Insights talks about the future of the industry In your experience, how has the ...
27 September 2017 Would anyone care if brands just disappeared? Four judges from the WARC Awards on what brand purpose is and what, at its best, it can achieve.
26 September 2017 Co-founder of Brown & co., Dave Brown, explores how a platform agency might work, through the lens of his own experience.
25 September 2017 Ahead of October’s Festival of Marketing, a panel discussion at the event will address recent research that shows how brands and advertising should be leading the way for the media to reflect the society in which live.
25 September 2017 Big data should not just be a third-party addition to the planning process, says Ethel Sanchez of the University of the Philippines, but a tool that current and future planners should become familiar with, if they are to continue seeing and shaping the future.
22 September 2017 AI is no longer future conjecture, no longer an ‘if’. When artificial intelligence begins to do more for us, this will shatter an individual’s consideration stage, hitting brands hard.
22 September 2017 Would you pay $1149 for an iPhone? Apple is trying to make the iPhone more appealing to a wider range of consumers but questions remain about the ‘super-premium’ element of its strategy says Martin Guerrieria, Global BrandZ Research Director at Kantar Millward Brown This year’s much hyped 10 th anniversary launch of the iPhone ‘X’ (pronounced ‘ten’) was the culmination of a brand strategy that has slowly expanded the range of iPhones on offer while continuing to push the top of the range towards the next level of pricing.
21 September 2017 Research is changing, says HS2's Nick Jones, a speaker at this year’s Audience Analytics and Insight Forum.
20 September 2017 The annual dmexco trade fair and conference in Cologne brings together a range of participants in digital marketing and here a number of those operating in ad tech give their views on the trends they saw emerging in the 2017 event.
18 September 2017 In light of recent research, Shutterstock CMO, Jeff Weiser, explores why simple, visually led ads are more engaging and how marketers can use this knowledge to make better ads.