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19 September 2018 The advertising industry is excited by the possibilities of video, but these extend far beyond social and online channels.
18 September 2018 dmexco has come and gone, but what did the industry learn? Here are the top themes of 2018 in the words of those who ought to know: ad tech leaders.
17 September 2018 Just a few days remain to enter the 2018 WARC Media Awards, a global case study competition that rewards effective comms planning.
14 September 2018 Charities are missing opportunities by thinking in terms of legacy channels and fundraising methods, argues Phil Gault.
13 September 2018 There is more to media choices than audience vs brand safety. UM’s Lawrence Dodds asks whether ethical considerations should become fundamental.
12 September 2018 Innovating through products was a recurring theme among this year’s Effective Innovation winners at the WARC Awards.
11 September 2018 Legacy businesses are fearful of disruption from external competitors, but Pip Hulbert, CEO, Wunderman UK, asks whether we should think of disruption as an inside job.
10 September 2018 The Design Business Association’s CEO, Deborah Dawton talks about the impact of design on effectiveness business and strategies to implement the effectiveness philosophy.
07 September 2018 Driving success in automotive advertising can be a tough ask. Saddington Baynes’ Chris Christodoulou explores how experience can inform auto advertising.
06 September 2018 With 67% of 18 to 34-year-olds saying the need to take a break from technology, does this open an opportunity for brands, asks Vaughan Edmonds, planner at global experience agency Sense.
04 September 2018 Retail is changing and so are the formats through which to influence purchase. On Device Research’s Alistair Hill talks through some of his firm’s findings in this area.
03 September 2018 This month, Samsung Note is the brand which has achieved the highest uplift in its Ad Awareness over the past month.
03 September 2018 This month, Staples is the brand which has achieved the biggest uplift in its Ad Awareness in the USA.
03 September 2018 This month, Warner Bros. is the brand which has achieved the highest uplift in its Ad Awareness in the UAE.
03 September 2018 This month, energy drinks brand Carabao is the brand which has achieved the highest uplift in its Ad Awareness in the UK.
31 August 2018 The consequence of not having sufficient perspective is that it’s easy to start believing your own publicity, therefore, Malcolm White says, an agency’s most valuable strategic service to their clients is to put the client brief through a constructively sceptical filter.
31 August 2018 In the marketing space, a consistent failure to define the problem creates consistently suboptimal marketing results.
31 August 2018 Strategic thinking is getting flabbier and flowerier by the minute, with fluffy language that is highly evocative, imaginative and inspirational but, says Gareth Kay, is devoid of the brutal rigour needed to create a robust foundation on which to build a brand or business.
31 August 2018 Nowadays, it is almost unfashionable to spend time thinking, but looking sideways at seemingly non-relevant areas is potentially very fertile.
31 August 2018 According to some research, the average human attention span is now eight seconds, less than that of the goldfish with nine.
30 August 2018 Influence is becoming more complex as a landscape and with it, we need a more nuanced definition of online personalities.
29 August 2018 Innovation and transformation are all too commonly invoked, but what do actual innovation strategies look like? In short, they think about societies, morals, and the technological world that the future will hold.
24 August 2018 The public may be experiencing frustration and disillusionment with the political classes and how they are handling Brexit, but Claire Enders is upbeat about the future for media and advertising.
24 August 2018 With consultancies talking about owning the experience end-to-end, what is the response from agencies? Strategists have to be at the forefront of the answer, argues R/GA’s Yosuke Suzuki.
23 August 2018 In its latest study of the UK after the referendum, the strategic insight agency Flamingo went out to explore what the result meant for the country’s social fabric.