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07 December 2017 While the multi-platform world presents significant opportunities for brand advertisers, it also presents new challenges.
06 December 2017 Humans have only experienced modernity as a blip – for the rest of our existence, the natural world was the basis of all our stimulus.
05 December 2017 A judge on the inaugural panel for Best Use of Brand Purpose at the 2017 WARC Awards, Laurence Green writes that brand purpose is alive and well and "busy restoring the broken link between business and society." Self-congratulatory as marketing awards may appear at their prize-giving jamborees, the judging that precedes the jolly is typically conducted with due earnestness.
30 November 2017 Malcolm White argues  that the diminishing respect being afforded the advertising industry by clients has led it to develop a form of 'impostor syndrome'.
30 November 2017 Mike Teasdale offers up his Christmas wish list for the industry, which includes taking the management consultancy threat more seriously, using the blend of creative and data to generate transformative work, agency leaders doing more for diversity and advertising becoming an interrupter once again.
30 November 2017 Faris Yakob wonders whether the explosion of the craft beer industry and resulting decline in the fortunes of the brewing behemoths carries any lessons for advertising? I'm in London this week and, having not been back for a while, I was struck by the visibility of craft beers, which I hadn't noticed to the same degree before.
30 November 2017 Anvar Alikhan looks at the cultural divide in India that separates the generations who grew up before the economic reforms of 1991 and those who came after.
29 November 2017 Following the release of Mindshare’s Media Multiverse research, three of the agency’s leaders discuss the industry shift towards franchises that live across a mosaic of platforms, and away from linear storytelling on one channel.
27 November 2017 We’re getting ready to launch Toolkit 2018 – our guide to tackling some of the biggest challenges brands currently face.
24 November 2017 Each year the landscape that marketers face becomes more complex. Mobbie Nazir, We Are Social’s CSO, explores the themes the agency believes will affect the industry in the coming year.
23 November 2017 Freedom of speech is fundamental to the U.S. constitution, but the latest developments in the dispute over net neutrality are putting this basic human right under threat, argues Sovrn's CEO, Walter Knapp.
23 November 2017 Strategists often benefit from an outsider’s eye, observes David Tiltman, Content Director at WARC, as he explores the story behind SK-II’s Marriage Market Takeover: this used an element of Chinese culture so ingrained as to go unspoken as an emotional springboard for a stunningly effective campaign.
22 November 2017 The modern Christmas ad is deeply associated with John Lewis and its mega-successful formula of tear-jerking storytelling and thoughtful gifting.
21 November 2017 Good CX is not just about doing things quickly, argues Fetch’s Julian Smith. Most important is to find a strategy that leverages your knowledge of the consumers as well as their understanding of your brand.
21 November 2017 If you work in advertising, chances are that someone outside the industry has asked you about subliminal advertising.
17 November 2017 The consumer of the future lies at the point where consumption and creation meet, according to futurologist Magnus Lindkvist.
14 November 2017 Bots have been hailed as the key to transforming the customer experience, but Jasmeet Sethi, head of operations at Ericsson Consumer Lab, warns that there’s a downside for market research.
10 November 2017 As customers change the way they interact with brands, the way we think of conversion funnels needs to evolve as well, writes Mirum’s Nick McLawhorn.
08 November 2017 Ben Shaw, Head of BBH Live, and Jack Colchester, Senior Data Strategist, from the team at BBH London that created the Grand Prix-winning KFC Dirty Louisiana campaign in this year’s WARC Awards / Effective Social Strategy, highlight the difference between an impression and a lasting impression.
06 November 2017 "Restroom for All", a campaign created for Mastercard by McCann New York, walked off with best-in-show honors at the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) 2017 Multicultural Excellence Awards.
06 November 2017 Artificial intelligence is growing in usage and capability, but it is still mostly a black box without guiding principles; Kinetic's Benjamin Lord argues that AI needs to develop ethical standards as it progresses.
01 November 2017 Brands would do well to take a leaf out of the Apple playbook and aim for a much simpler strategy, says Tim Williams, and offers a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.
01 November 2017 Studies suggest that likability is the key driver of advertising efficacy, outperforming all other measures as a predictive metric, so, argues Faris Yakob, why don’t more brands aim for being liked – a much more realistic goal than being loved.
31 October 2017 The Association of National Advertisers’ annual Masters of Marketing conference painted a depressing picture, says Gareth Kay, with driving greater efficiency being lauded over the creation of valuable brands and end-to-end brand experiences.
31 October 2017 Like the Zeppelins of old, many of today’s technologies fit a ‘pathological’ profile, argues Malcolm White, and more of us need to take control of the way we use our tech, instead of being used by it.