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16 August 2017 There’s not just an ethical reason, but also a growing commercial imperative for brands to assume a people-first approach and stop using stereotypes in their advertising, says Sally McLaren, director at Sense.
15 August 2017 Typically, art and science are presented as opposites. But Dentsu Mitchell’s Eaon Pritchard argues that the problem lies with formulas and not with the scientific method, which can inform the creative process just as it informs science, through observations, hypotheses, and experimentation.
11 August 2017 It’s hard to believe it was only 20 years ago since the UK launched its fifth TV channel with a little help from the Spice Girls.
10 August 2017 Jerry Daykin, Head of Global Digital Media Partnerships at Diageo, chaired the judging panel for this year's WARC Media Awards partnerships and sponsorships category.
09 August 2017 Great media thinkers must be multi-dimensional. They must be able to both understand the rules and create the conditions necessary for creativity to have impact.
08 August 2017 Publisher experimentation outside of ad-supported business models is well underway. Ben Barokas, CEO of Sourcepoint, looks at the publishers trying a different revenue model.
07 August 2017 Music is a powerful tool for branding that rarely receives recognition. iris' Eve Carpenter looks at how brands like John Lewis and Domino’s Pizza have used music to grab attention, build association and cement an emotional connection.
03 August 2017 For most brands, the relationship they have with their consumers is passive; meanwhile, others have been able to enter a different space, where consumers share their content and participate in the brand.
02 August 2017 The great houses of Westeros, from HBO’s Game of Thrones operate much like corporations. There are executives (lords), subsidiaries (vassal houses), and hostile takeovers (wars).
01 August 2017 Is there a way to do purpose right? If so, how can a business make it feel authentic? Cindy Gustafson, Chief Strategy Officer, Mindshare North America, and Joe Maceda, Managing Director, Invention Studio Lead, Mindshare North America, take a deep dive into the most interesting campaigns from Cannes Lions to uncover how brands can create smart, purposeful work.
28 July 2017 What video strategy works for a brand depends, ultimately, on the brand, argues Andre van Loon, and looking at what worked for others can, at times, leave us wishing for faster horses rather than cars - to paraphrase Henry Ford.
27 July 2017 Brands place great store by their visual branding but have neglected their audio branding, something that is becoming increasingly important, according to Global's Jo McChristie.
25 July 2017 As more brands are engaging with LGBTQ messaging, a new report from Ebiquity reveals the state of play.
20 July 2017 In light of the UK Advertising Standards Authority’s proposed tougher regulation of campaigns featuring harmful gender stereotypes, System1’s Tom Ewing suggests that the impact will lead to better advertising, but warns that bad ads could still come through other channels.
20 July 2017 The recent fallout over brand safety is yet another sign to the industry that we need to do more to establish and guarantee advertising only appears in brand safe environments, that the advertiser actually wants to appear in.
18 July 2017 WARC’s Lucy Aitken spoke to Charlie Chappell, Hershey’s Senior Director for Integrated media, and chair of judges for the WARC Media Awards Channel Integration category, about emerging platforms, data, and what makes a great integrated campaign.
17 July 2017 Whenever you scan your email inbox or social feeds in the morning, you have some things that you instantly read: work emails, industry news, and links sent out by your favorite influencer.
17 July 2017 In the wake of negative press coverage, financial services brands are particularly vulnerable to the consumer's experience turning from a positive one into a negative one.
14 July 2017 Brands have a wealth of data at their fingertips, from ad-server to website to CRM, consumer engagement with various touch points leaves a trail of insight not to be wasted.
14 July 2017 It’s a well-known cognitive hack that the more you are exposed to something, the more likely you are to like it, but Faris Yakob thinks that brands need to get smarter about taking advantage of this.
14 July 2017 The advertising industry, and its awards, celebrates only success - forgetting the failures from which we could all learn important lessons, argues Gareth Kay.
14 July 2017 Malcolm White wonders how more communication went from being the force for good that would bring humanity together, to being something altogether more divisive.
14 July 2017 Anvar Alikhan takes a look at the brand that’s something of an embarrassment to Coca-Cola in India - even though the global giant owns it.
12 July 2017 Paul Dalton, Chief Media Officer, International, DigitasLBi and judge for the Effective Use of Tech category at this year's WARC Media Awards, talks to Lucy Aitken.
10 July 2017 This commentary appears in WARC’s new ‘Future of Strategy’ report, based on a global survey of senior agency planners.