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28 March 2017 Theodore 'Ted' Sturgeon is widely acclaimed as one the greats in science fiction writing. He wrote a number of novels, was an early scriptwriter on the promising TV series Star Trek in the 50s and 60s and also one of the foremost critics in the sci-fi genre, also penning over 400 reviews before his passing in 1985.
24 March 2017 WARC has had a facelift. If you're a regular visitor to the site, you may have already noticed some changes.
23 March 2017 Elasticity is the yin and yang that can unlock the potential of a brand. On the one hand, the more price inelastic your brand is, the greater the price premium you can charge.
21 March 2017 As the countdown to the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) continues, so do the media conversations seemingly intent on creating panic in the marketing industry.
17 March 2017 On Tuesday, March 14th, after a fantastic day at the MRS Conference, a selection of research revolutionaries descended upon Vout-O-Reenees - a club for the ‘surrealistically distinguished’ - to celebrate 10 years of the Research Liberation Front.
16 March 2017 You know that situation where you find yourself in the same meeting with someone you've met several times, but find it too embarrassing to ask their name at this late stage? For many marketers, digital is that person.
14 March 2017 The news that Facebook has created its first app for VR headsets shows that the company is trying to remind people of its position as a leader in the field, how much 360° content there now is, and its ambitions to move onto new screens.
10 March 2017 It can legitimately be said that Elvis Presley probably made more terrible records than any other artist in history.
09 March 2017 Understanding how effectiveness works in the digital age has become the mission of modern marketers. We cover this in detail in our Toolkit 2017 of Marketing Trends, which includes a whole chapter on the subject.
08 March 2017 Prior to making a purchase online, the chances are you will have been exposed to some form of advertising from that brand – consciously or subconsciously – at some point during the customer journey.
06 March 2017 With the backdrop of its 100 th anniversary, the 4A's (American Association of Advertising Agencies) has opened its files of history to provide a series of informational nuggets that, in part, articulate the history of not just the venerated trade organization but the industry it represents as well.
06 March 2017 Over a century ago, William James argued that the self includes many things outside of one's self, including social relationships and material things.  More recently, cognitive science has shown that we do indeed subsume the personality and values of the people we feel close to.  The result is self-other overlap, whereby the mental representations of our own identity begin to merge with our perceptions of someone else.
01 March 2017 In recent years, female empowerment has been a hot topic in both adland and broader culture - from the 3% Conference (and their mission to support female creative leadership in agencies) to the lyrics of Beyoncé.
28 February 2017 By Dan Machen, Director of Innovation, and Neil Davidson, Managing Director, HeyHuman When CES started 50 years ago, there were just three categories on display - TVs, Radios and Gramophones.
27 February 2017 I'm writing this article as my company, Chapter, celebrates its second anniversary. We may be 0.0001% complete on our mission, but it feels a big milestone, as around one in two businesses fail during this time period.
24 February 2017 The news that Facebook is developing an app that will let its users easily watch video from the site on their smart TVs should not come as much of a surprise.
22 February 2017 Ev Williams is in large part responsible for the social web. He co-founded Blogger and helped popularise the idea before selling it to Google.
21 February 2017 When did the "business of advertising" become the "advertising business"—a profession subject to shareholder value, stock-market fluctuations, and the success/failure of quarterly earnings reports? In celebration of its 100 th anniversary, the 4A's (American Association of Advertising Agencies) is taking a look to the past even as it prepared for the future with its Transformation 2017 annual conference.
16 February 2017 Unless you were working in the highest levels of government during Cold War, you wouldn't have known much about geolocation until the 1990s, when you got a GPS for your car.
15 February 2017 A very thought provoking article with this title was published in the Guardian in the Journal section on 19 th January by William Davies .
15 February 2017 Planning in the creative space has a long history – and its one we should revisit. In 1964, Stephen King, dissatisfied with the workings of both the media and marketing departments within his agency, developed a new system of working which concentrated on combining consumer research and insights to create more effective, creative advertising.
14 February 2017 Paul Wilson was a Warc Media Awards judge on the Effective Use of Tech category. There is no doubt that technology is changing the world of communications.
13 February 2017 Advertisers have come up against a wall. The use of ad blockers is on the rise as consumers look to control how much interruptive advertising they receive online and over social media.
10 February 2017 On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles famous radio adaptation of H.G. Wells's science fiction novel War of the Worlds  played on CBS Radio's weekly  Mercury Theatre on the Air  show.
09 February 2017 Mis-represented facts, blatant lies, dubious content – call it what you like but one thing is for sure: fake news is big news.