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16 January 2018 Now that the industry is getting to grips with building storage and manipulation capabilities to cope with the volume of data, attention will turn to making data work harder for us.
15 January 2018 Rob Isaacs, Head of Content and Partnerships at Lucky Generals and a judge for the 2017 Effective Content Strategy category at the WARC Awards, says that content marketing campaigns need to learn to love data.
12 January 2018 Resisting the urge to make predictions for the year ahead, Gareth Kay offers up three wishes that he hopes will happen this year, in order to move towards creating a more robust and vital marketing industry.
11 January 2018 Publishers faced with declining print ad revenues need to look beyond digital to pick up the shortfall, according to James Wildman, CEO Hearst Media.
10 January 2018 Adrian Mills, Partner, Deloitte Australia, is judging the Effective Use of Brand Purpose category in the 2018 WARC Awards .
09 January 2018 Lennie Stern is Head of Creative and Entertainment Strategies, BETC Paris and a judge of the Effective Content Strategy category in the 2018 WARC Awards.
08 January 2018 With the Marc-Pritchard-inspired clean-up of digital marketing under way, we are entering a period of transition that will have a lasting impact on the future of our industry, says Julia Connaughton, Head of Digital, the7stars.
04 January 2018 The eponymous Venn diagram should not be seen as a mere PowerPoint decoration but, Malcolm White explains, can and should be used as a creative thinking tool to unlock potential or seize opportunities.
04 January 2018 If agencies can reframe what they offer in terms of providing solutions, not services, and recast the skills and talents within their business, then they will move up the value chain,  argues Tim Williams .
04 January 2018 The problem with endless over-optimisation is that practitioners look at advertising through the lens of a spreadsheet which, argues Faris Yakob, loses the humanity in the craft.
04 January 2018 As 2018 marks the bicentenary of his birth, Mike Teasdale ponders what Karl Marx would make of today’s consumerism and what he would think of future consumerism driven by digital and AI.
03 January 2018 Bessie Lee, f ounder and CEO of Withinlink, a China -based startup incubator and strategic venture fund, is judging the Effective Innovation category in this year's WARC Awards.
02 January 2018 All brands need to innovate - it’s the only way of staying fresh, relevant and useful - but when, where and how to do it? Nick Burcher, Director of Digital at MediaCom and a judge for the 2017 WARC Awards, looks to the past to find innovation lessons for the future.
18 December 2017 The demand for digital audio content is growing at a rapid rate. As audio continues to play a central role in our lives, sound has never been so influential in media, technology and business, suggests Oliver Deane.
14 December 2017 Smarter marketing and investment in communications is helping local brands fight back against the multinationals.
14 December 2017 As the holiday sales loom, it can be tempting to throw caution to the wind and discount like crazy in pursuit of traffic and margin-low spend, but, says Paul Hunt of Pricing Solutions (part of the iris network), the effects on the overall brand can diminish hard brand-building work.
13 December 2017 Consultations are not the answer to the questions posed by GDPR, says Julian Saunders of What matters is the way we can act now.
13 December 2017 “To look at where the future is heading, don’t look at consumers but at the expectations that are created by the innovations on which they are lavishing love and attention today,” Henry Mason, managing director of Trendwatching, advised an audience at ad:tech London.
13 December 2017 Digital publishing may be a relatively young industry, but as excuses go, this just doesn’t wash any more.
12 December 2017 As the jury for the Effective Content Strategy category  of the WARC Awards is announced, Lucy Aitken interviews John Dokes, CMO, AccuWeather and the jury chair, finding out more about how the company uses partnerships with the likes of Spotify and Ford to deploy its own successful content strategy.
12 December 2017 Heather Dansie, associate research director at Publicis Media, discusses why experience is core to a Christmas strategy and what brands can do to truly embrace the festive season.
12 December 2017 Fraud is a big problem and the only way we’re going to solve it is by becoming realistic about marketers’ response to fraudsters, argues Richard Kahn.
07 December 2017 While the multi-platform world presents significant opportunities for brand advertisers, it also presents new challenges.
06 December 2017 Humans have only experienced modernity as a blip – for the rest of our existence, the natural world was the basis of all our stimulus.
05 December 2017 A judge on the inaugural panel for Best Use of Brand Purpose at the 2017 WARC Awards, Laurence Green writes that brand purpose is alive and well and "busy restoring the broken link between business and society." Self-congratulatory as marketing awards may appear at their prize-giving jamborees, the judging that precedes the jolly is typically conducted with due earnestness.