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14 November 2017 Bots have been hailed as the key to transforming the customer experience, but Jasmeet Sethi, head of operations at Ericsson Consumer Lab, warns that there’s a downside for market research.
10 November 2017 As customers change the way they interact with brands, the way we think of conversion funnels needs to evolve as well, writes Mirum’s Nick McLawhorn.
08 November 2017 Ben Shaw, Head of BBH Live, and Jack Colchester, Senior Data Strategist, from the team at BBH London that created the Grand Prix-winning KFC Dirty Louisiana campaign in this year’s WARC Awards / Effective Social Strategy, highlight the difference between an impression and a lasting impression.
06 November 2017 Artificial intelligence is growing in usage and capability, but it is still mostly a black box without guiding principles; Kinetic's Benjamin Lord argues that AI needs to develop ethical standards as it progresses.
06 November 2017 "Restroom for All", a campaign created for Mastercard by McCann New York, walked off with best-in-show honors at the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) 2017 Multicultural Excellence Awards.
01 November 2017 Studies suggest that likability is the key driver of advertising efficacy, outperforming all other measures as a predictive metric, so, argues Faris Yakob, why don’t more brands aim for being liked – a much more realistic goal than being loved.
01 November 2017 Brands would do well to take a leaf out of the Apple playbook and aim for a much simpler strategy, says Tim Williams, and offers a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.
31 October 2017 Like the Zeppelins of old, many of today’s technologies fit a ‘pathological’ profile, argues Malcolm White, and more of us need to take control of the way we use our tech, instead of being used by it.
31 October 2017 The Association of National Advertisers’ annual Masters of Marketing conference painted a depressing picture, says Gareth Kay, with driving greater efficiency being lauded over the creation of valuable brands and end-to-end brand experiences.
30 October 2017 Mike Teasdale warns network ad agencies that they should focus on how to use data to help their clients achieve a consistently connected brand experience or risk being run over by the management consultancy juggernaut.
26 October 2017 Artificial intelligence is surely the buzzword of 2017, says Stevan Randjelovic. Here he pulls out the key takeaways from  EACA 's annual  Evolution Lab conference in Brussels on the theme of ‘Adverti...
25 October 2017 Praise, prestige, recognition and reward are within your grasp… that is if you can prove the value of your expertise.
25 October 2017 Brands are recognising that the benefits of AR go well beyond the novelty factor and can drive business growth, say Hannah Robbins and Ophelia Stimpson of the Cultural Insight Team at Kantar Added Value.
20 October 2017 Today’s most effective media pitches are driven by five common desires. David Indo, CEO at ID Comms, reveals what advertisers increasingly demand from their media agency.
18 October 2017 You might notice a few changes on the site, with the launch of WARC Data, a new resource focusing on trends in global advertising and media investment.
17 October 2017 If you’re a behavioural scientist in the tech industry, you’re in high demand, writes Mark Bell, Chief Experience Officer at Dare.
16 October 2017 One of the global leaders in AI, Google, is using the technology to create consumer-centric interaction using data points to identify intent and passion, writes Katie Sterling As consumer behaviours are increasingly complex AI has an integral role to play.
13 October 2017 Recent research shows that TV sponsorships drive long term brand awareness and account for 5% of TV ad spend since 2010.
12 October 2017 Students don’t tend to like brands, but brands need to talk to them, but they are a complex group, described by just one term over a period of intense transition.
11 October 2017 Madison Avenue is synonymous with Adland, keeping the name even after most agencies were chased away by high Manhattan rents and shifting fashions.
10 October 2017 The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to be a seminal moment for UK marketers. To truly understand what it means, the first step is to forget a lot of what you have already heard about it.
05 October 2017 The rumble in the jungle, it wasn’t. Nor was it the Thrilla in Manila.
04 October 2017 Anvar Alikhan charts the rise of Indian leather goods brand Hidesign and uncovers the secrets of its success.
04 October 2017 Advertising is a talent business, but advertising and marketing isn’t the pull it once was, so, Gareth Kay argues, creative companies need to build more stimulating working environments to attract the most interesting people.
04 October 2017 Mike Teasdale discovered some of the secrets to building a successful brand when working on the launch of the New Covent Garden Soup Co.