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18 June 2019 Could AI have role in testing content? Hannah Johnson explains how it’s now possible to generate results as valid as those from focus groups and surveys using synthetic personas.
17 June 2019 Planning is still about being a catalyst for creativity but the context in which Planners operate has changed hugely – they need to adapt, and quickly, says Mike Teasdale.
17 June 2019 Hernan Lopez, Founder and CEO of Wondery, argues the case for advertising effectiveness through podcasts.
17 June 2019 WARC asked Stefan Lameire, until recently Chief Customer and Revenue Officer at Clear Channel International, to predict the trends that will shape OOH in the coming years.
16 June 2019 As the marketing industry descends on Cannes, David Tiltman says it’s time to raise the level of debate around effectiveness.
14 June 2019 YouTube Works for Brands was first launched in 2016 to showcase the most effective uses of the platform for advertising campaigns.
14 June 2019 Ensuring brand safety is a basic requirement of digital advertising. Now it’s time to consider brand suitability, says Chris Bennett of Pixability.
13 June 2019 Freddie Covington, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing and Cross Border, Asia Pacific, Visa, is chairing this year’s WARC Prize for Asian Strategy.
12 June 2019 Ahead of the industry’s annual exodus to the south of France, Paul Coxhill, MD WARC & SVP Cannes Lions Digital Ventures, makes a call for advertisers to up their game.
11 June 2019 AI will bring big changes to everyday commerce – and brands have a limited window in which to act to avoid becoming invisible to customers, says Professor Steven Van Belleghem.
10 June 2019 Whether an agency is in-house or external, some challenges are common to both. Brian Kessman, founder of Lodestar Agency Consulting, has advice on how to tackle them.
07 June 2019 A recent news story flagged up how wine brands are out of touch with their audience, says Oli Flower of Reprise: consumers want simplicity, yet the category fuels confusion.
07 June 2019 Certain ideas, though ancient, have retained their power. Faris Yakob explores the ways in which Aristotle's Ars Rhetorica has influenced this industry.
06 June 2019 Bringing traditionally outsourced marketing capabilities in-house is phenomenally difficult to do well – the leaders in this space will often have an advantage of expertise.
05 June 2019 Alex Brownsell, WARC’s Senior Editor, Media, takes the temperature at IAB Europe Interact, the premiere gathering of Europe’s digital advertising industry.
04 June 2019 is the brand which achieved the largest rise in its Ad Awareness in the UAE during May. The uplift coincides with Amazon and Souq announcing the launch of at the beginning of the month.
04 June 2019 In May, Sainsbury’s achieved the highest uplift in Ad Awareness of any brand in the UK – a +7.5 change in score.
04 June 2019 During May, Red Bull earned the biggest rise in its advertising awareness in the United States among brands tracked by YouGov.
04 June 2019 During May, Telstra was the brand that achieved the highest uplift in its Ad Awareness of any brand in the Asia Pacific region.
31 May 2019 Video may have killed the radio star, but audio is fighting back. The medium is undergoing a technology-inspired renaissance, and is slowly becoming an ever-present texture in daily life.
31 May 2019 British Airways and Tesco have produced two of the UK’s best performing TV ad campaigns of the year to date.
30 May 2019 Steadfast rules or continuous adaptation? Considering two approaches to marketing rules, We Are Social's Andre Van Loon looks to the uncertainties of judgement.
30 May 2019 Defining brand growth as capturing market share from competitors is a self-limiting approach, according to the Institute for Real Growth, a study led by WPP’s Kantar Consulting.
30 May 2019 Brands need to feel the fear and do it anyway when it comes to embracing new business models, or risk losing out, according to the Initiative for Real Growth (IRG) study led by WPP’s Kantar Consulting.
29 May 2019 Voice is growing but it still faces significant barriers. Mubaloo's Marcus Carter looks at the challenges and opportunities of this new medium.