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18 September 2017 Eaon Pritchard argues that the big opportunity in the application of AIs and Machine Learning to communications is not just about smarter targeting and building a better mousetrap, but in developing a better more quantified understanding of consumer behavior unhampered by our own cognitive biases.
18 September 2017 The smartphone is, to most of us, indispensable, and more frequently used than any other device. Though Apple began the smartphone era as we know it today with the original iPhone in 2007, the latest iteration, iPhone X, will test the loyalty of consumers to the device that placed the phone into the mainstream of our lives.
18 September 2017 In light of recent research, Shutterstock CMO, Jeff Weiser, explores why simple, visually led ads are more engaging and how marketers can use this knowledge to make better ads.
13 September 2017 GroupM's John Montgomery, EVP, Global Brand Safety, told WARC why advertisers can never totally eliminate the risk of appearing alongside inappropriate content; while it is possible to introduce strong safety measures, he adds, these come at a cost.
13 September 2017 The new iPhone doesn’t just upgrade the smartphone experience but also has the potential to create new ways for brands to connect with the consumers says Ben Phillips, Global Head of Mobile at MediaCom.
12 September 2017 Nicole Kane, Director of Global Media at McDonald’s and Chair of Judges for the WARC Media Awards’ Best Use of Data category, spoke to Lucy Aitken about the art of turning data into insight and why it’s just as important to figure out who not to target.
08 September 2017 The world’s biggest advertisers are right to criticise the current system of digital advertising, says Nielsen’s Megan Clarken.
07 September 2017 What gets seen matters. Ipsos’ Andrew Green argues that viewability should be evaluated not by measuring impressions but by measuring human eyes.
05 September 2017 In many organizations shopper marketing is still just an afterthought:  There is some money left in the budget, so why not spend it on shopper marketing? However, there are a number of compelling reasons for marketers to consider shopper marketing as a strategic imperative, says Peter Steidl.
01 September 2017 Anvar Alikhan tells the story of how HDFC Bank grew from being launched just twenty years ago with the liberalisation of India’s banking, to being more valuable than JPMorgan Chase - with the help of its tech evangelist CEO.
31 August 2017 The agency name has had an illustrious history, from the full surnames names of every single partner on the letterhead to the advent of the rock band agency.
30 August 2017 Gareth Kay argues that the industry should be more careful about how it uses the word ‘brand’, as it is in danger of becoming an empty phrase that will not help marketers connect businesses with their potential customers.
29 August 2017 B2B marketing has existed in a tradition for a long time, but now the same impact that technology is having on the expectations of consumers is also affecting business buyers, argues POSSIBLE’s Thomas Stelter.
29 August 2017 Malcolm White discovers the truth about a legend of broadcasting history, and finds that the only hysteria caused by the 1938 broadcast of ‘The War of the Worlds’ was the one cooked about by a competing medium - newspapers.
28 August 2017 Mike Teasdale looks at what ad agencies can do to get out of the rut in which many of them find themselves as they watch competitors such as management consultancies move into their territory I will declare my hand straightaway.
25 August 2017 If a person makes a purchase after viewing 50% of an ad, and another person does not make a purchase after viewing 100% of an ad, which is more valuable to a brand? Asks Conversant’s Rachael Churchill.
25 August 2017 Subscribing to the notion that a change in belief will lead to a corresponding change in behaviour may seem like common sense, but Faris Yakob argues that marketers who want to do their job should look into how behaviour is actually shaped and changed.
24 August 2017 Women’s sport is gaining a higher profile, but what will it take for brands to value female athletes as much as their male peers? Ahead of the Women’s Rugby World Cup final, FCB Inferno’s Vicki Holgate explores the untapped opportunity for brands.
22 August 2017 Brands are relying too heavily on average media metrics to understand their audiences’ social media habits, resulting in an incorrect belief that all social media users have tiny attention spans and just want ‘micro moments’, argue Yanling Leow and Alasdair Gray of iris Singapore.
18 August 2017 Brands such as Coca-Cola and Exterion are taking advantage of better, faster, and cheaper advertising research tools.
17 August 2017 The Art Institute of Chicago’s campaign, Van Gough’s Bedroom: Let Yourself In, was successful through its consistency of message, says Martin Broad, with the idea laced through each media touchpoint in a way that gave the artwork life.
16 August 2017 There’s not just an ethical reason, but also a growing commercial imperative for brands to assume a people-first approach and stop using stereotypes in their advertising, says Sally McLaren, director at Sense.
15 August 2017 Typically, art and science are presented as opposites. But Dentsu Mitchell’s Eaon Pritchard argues that the problem lies with formulas and not with the scientific method, which can inform the creative process just as it informs science, through observations, hypotheses, and experimentation.
11 August 2017 It’s hard to believe it was only 20 years ago since the UK launched its fifth TV channel with a little help from the Spice Girls.
10 August 2017 Jerry Daykin, Head of Global Digital Media Partnerships at Diageo, is chair of the judging panel for this year's WARC Media Awards partnerships and sponsorships category.