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19 February 2019 Unilever-owned OMO launched a water-soluble clothes tag made from laundry detergent that will be added to sports outfits on sale in Lebanon.
18 February 2019 In the context of declining sales and increasingly urban populations, is it wise for car brands to continue to pursue an ownership model that lumps the consumer with maintenance and parking costs when they might only use their vehicle once a day.
15 February 2019 A new report finds that OOH is the only traditional media segment to see consistent ad revenue growth, writes Rapport's Paul Sambrook.
15 February 2019 Fernando Machado, Burger King’s CMO, is chairing the Effective Use of Brand Purpose in this year’s WARC Awards.
14 February 2019 Purpose is still a keenly sought-after trend in advertising, but the best companies - Patagonia, Co-op - don't just talk about a purpose, they put real thought into how it informs their business, and put real money into making that purpose a reality, argues Blue State Digital's Samir Patel.
12 February 2019 Direct-to-consumer brands continue to boom. Here, WGSN’s Laura Saunter selects 10 brands that we think will define the space in 2019 and beyond.
12 February 2019 Advertising agencies have been around for decades but advertisers still can't agree on the best way to pay for theirs services.
11 February 2019 With Brexit day looming ominously, David Penn of Conquest muses on how the emotional marketing of brands has leached into politics.
11 February 2019 Two of Latin America’s largest economies have taken very different political paths for 2019. DDB Latina’s Juan Isaza explores what these divisions could mean for brands across the continent.
11 February 2019 A school of UX design thought posits that technology can become more useful to people if it becomes calm, that it should inform and create calm, that it should take up the smallest possible amount of attention.
08 February 2019 The 2018 IPA Effectiveness Awards illuminate much of what is changing in advertising, how questions of effectiveness are shifting.
07 February 2019 2019 combines a number of trends and challenges that the industry will need to deal with, Sumit Ramchandani, Chief Client Officer of integrated and digital agency Lion & Lion, picks out 5 elements that he believes will impact and change the industry in Asia this year, and why there is a need for agencies to be agile, integrated and innovative.
07 February 2019 Lucy Aitken talks to WARC Awards Effective Innovation judge Jem Fawcus, Owner and Group CEO of qualitative research company Firefish, about how innovation can make or break a brand.
05 February 2019 Planet Fitness is the brand that achieved the most significant improvement in its Ad Awareness during January.
05 February 2019 Super Bowl is US advertising’s biggest event, but it shouldn’t become the only event. BBH LA’s Agathe Guerrier looks back at this year’s crop of ads and wonders whether keeping creative excellence, big ideas and big budgets, for just one moment in the year has led to advertising not practising those qualities more often.
04 February 2019 The digital world is all about data, and that data is being gathered in all sorts of unexpected ways, says Dr Pippa Malmgren.
04 February 2019 Influencer marketing is already used by 57% of companies, and is set to grow to a $10 billion market by 2020.
04 February 2019 Geoffrey Precourt taps the IAB’s Susan Borst to discover what’s happening in the world of B2B digital marketing.
04 February 2019 One of the significant advertising stories of 2018 was the trend for brands to announce that they planned to move their digital ad buying operation away from their agency in order to operate it in-house, but this path has its difficulties.
01 February 2019 Move over Silicon Valley – it’s time to learn from how China does tech innovation, says Prof. Steven Van Belleghem Every year, I take groups of senior business leaders from across Europe on a series of ‘Innovation Tours’.
01 February 2019 Cathay Pacific is the brand which has achieved the highest uplift in its Ad Awareness in the past month.
01 February 2019 Direct to customer brands are very much in vogue, but it’s not the first time this idea has been around.
01 February 2019 This month, Gillette achieved the highest uplift in Ad Awareness of any brand in the UK. For years, Gillette’s tag line has been ‘The Best a Man Can Get’, and focused on the traditional masculinity of their target customer.
31 January 2019 The rise of content-driven marketing is continuing unabated, as more and more advertisers increase its importance in their budgets, observes The Economist and World Media Group’s Alex Delamain.
31 January 2019 Money is being poured into influencer marketing, often without a proper understanding of the channel.