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WARC's new Sustainability Hub features best practice, expert guidance and effectiveness case studies that will help marketers understand – and solve – the challenges of sustainability, including net zero.

WARC, the global authority on marketing effectiveness, in partnership with LIONS, the home of creativity, and the UK’s Advertising Association, have joined forces to launch the WARC Sustainability Hub, a one-stop resource to help marketing practitioners worldwide tackle the challenges and find innovative ways to implement more sustainable actions to address the climate crisis.

The new WARC Sustainability Hub brings together a curated collection of content including best practice, effectiveness case studies and thought leadership. Additional resources will be curated from Ad Net Zero, a UK industry-wide initiative led by the Advertising Association, the IPA and ISBA, to reduce the marketing industry’s carbon impact.

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The WARC Guide to net zero marketing

Looks at the challenge of net zero, how the industry is responding, the consumer opportunity and how to close the intention-action gap.

Sustainability Perceptions Index 2023

Brand Finance and the International Advertising Association (IAA) explore perceptions of the world’s most valuable brands in terms of their commitments – and action – on sustainability.

What we know about sustainability marketing

Looks at the attitudes of consumers towards the topic of sustainability and discusses actions that brands can take.

Ad Net Zero

UK advertising's response to the climate emergency
Free article

Offers recommendations for cross-industry action under the umbrella of the Ad Net Zero initiative.

A guide to understanding advertising's role in addressing the climate change emergency
Free article

Provides advice on how and where advertising professionals can take clear, practical action.

Ad Net Zero Essentials Certificate

A new qualification to help people working in the advertising and marketing services industries understand the climate crisis.

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Case studies

Standard Chartered: Force for Good
WARC Awards for Asian Strategy, Entrant, 2022
Etihad Guest: Conscious Choices
WARC Prize for MENA Strategy, Entrant, 2022
Wild: Dirty talk
Data and Marketing Association, Bronze, 2022
Love Food Hate Waste: Food Waste Action Week
Data and Marketing Association, Gold, 2022
Nespresso: A new media model to set global sustainable foundations for growth
WARC Awards for Effectiveness, Sustained Growth, Entrant, 2022
Carrefour: Act for good
Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions, Entrant, 2022
H&M Foundation: Billion dollar collection
SABRE Awards, EMEA, Gold, 2022
TFL: Making a positive change at the toughest times
The Marketing Society Awards, Highly Commended, 2022

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WARC Talks

Rainforest waterfall
Free to listen
Thursday 1st December


WARC talks about how messaging can encourage sustainable consumer behaviours, as well as how brands can best communicate their own commitments to sustainability.
Free to listen
Thursday 9th June
PODCAST: 3 in 15

Sustainability marketing India

WARC’s Biprorshee Das, India Editor and the editor gives an insight into the recent Spotlight on sustainability marketing in India.
climate emergency
18th May 2022

How the marketing industry can respond to the climate emergency: AMER

Talks about media decarbonisation, the Ad Net Zero initiative and sustainable ad operations to achieve net zero targets by 2030.
climate emergency
17th May 2022

How the marketing industry can respond to the climate emergency: EMEA/APAC

Talks about media decarbonisation and why it's time for the industry to take a more holistic approach to sustainability.
Net zero marketing
Free to listen
Thursday 24th March 2022
PODCAST: 3 in 15

Net zero marketing

Looks at what net zero marketing is, the key challenges of net zero and how the industry is responding, and provides practical advice for marketers to drive behavioural change.
WARC Talks: 'The double bottom line' – valuing profit and the planet
Free to listen
Friday 21st January 2022

‘The double bottom line’ – valuing profit and the planet

The final part in a series of five podcasts that cover the key themes identified in the 2022 Marketer's Toolkit, this episode looks at valuing profit and the planet.
Tesco: Unforgettable bag
Free to listen
Thursday 9th September 2021
PODCAST: Behind the winning idea

Tesco: Unforgettable bag

Azliza Azmel, Corporate Services Director at Tesco Malaysia, and Graham Drew, Chief Creative Officer at Grey Group, explore the strategy, execution and outcome of Tesco: Unforgettable Bag.

More content

The trends that will help brands tackle climate change in 2023

Looks at how 2023 could be the year that brands finally make the right strides towards tackling climate change.

Euromonitor: Environmental sustainability – Country performance and product claims

Showcases the results of Euromonitor’s Environmental Sustainability Index 2020 in combination with insights from Euromonitor’s Sustainable Living Claims Tracker.

Euromonitor: Sustainability post-COVID-19

Brings together insights from Euromonitor’s Voice of the Industry: Sustainability survey, which tracks how businesses define, manage and communicate sustainability.

Euromonitor: The future home – aspects of domestic sustainability's future

Provides an overview of the future home, aspects of domestic sustainability’s future and the way forward.

Euromonitor: Conscious consumption's impact on food and nutrition

Provides a conscious consumption scope, including impact on ethical claims and company strategies.

sparks & honey: Business bets 2022

sparks & honey identifies business opportunities for 2022 based on trending cultural shifts, including carbon neutrality and net zero.


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