The Programmatic Primer

A marketer’s guide to the online advertising ecosystem, written and curated by digital marketing expert Ted McConnell.

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The Programmatic Primer is Warc’s essential guide for advertisers to the latest online advertising techniques. Its goal is to help marketers:

  • Explore the roles of different players in the online advertising ecosystem
  • Be inspired by best practice from a range of use cases
  • Read expert commentary from the industry’s leading thinkers

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About the Author

Currently a consultant, Ted McConnell works with most segments of the marketing communications industry. He serves on boards for web technology startups, works as EVP Digital for the Advertising Research Foundation, is retained by high tech media companies to drive product innovation, and helps large enterprises develop their digital marketing strategies and processes. His main focus areas today are ways to eliminate waste in digital media, programmatic TV buying via the online display ecosystem, and ways and means for enterprises to scale content marketing.

His passion for the web arises from the basic idea that everybody wins when marketers acknowledge by their actions the shift of power towards the consumer.

Mr. McConnell spent 15 years presiding over digital marketing innovation at P&G, partnering with brands to put new marketing models to work for P&G. His innovation related work at P&G included building the world’s first private ad network, developing test and scale plans for new marketing models, and developing a global innovation strategy for the marketing organization.

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