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Programmatic buying

Programmatic has become a catch-all term for automated media buying techniques, initially applied to online display but increasingly to other channels. It allows clients to buy media based on data-based criteria, often in real-time, with decisions made on a per-impression basis. Programmatic allows a range of targeting options – for example, user behaviour data, location, or contextual information such as the weather. Programmatic relies on a complex ‘ecosystem’ of technology companies that sit between buyers and sellers of media space.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

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The pros and cons of programmatic TV (PTV) - and how it differs from other programmatic media like addressable TV and video-on-demand.
An outline of the major issues facing advertisers, including viewability, fraud and context - and what to do about them.
A report explaining the roles of the different players in the online advertising ecosystem.

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