JAKARTA: Digital audiences in Indonesia are “millennial by default” with mobile-first and social media content most likely to go viral in the country, according to a local expert.

Joe Wadakethalakal, CEO of Indonesian content platform Brilio.net, says digital audiences in Indonesia are almost always millennials.

Internet penetration in the country is around 75.8% and 75.5% respectively in the 25-34 and 10-24 age groups, compared to 54.7% of those aged 35-44, 17.2% of those aged 45-54, and 2% of 55-year-olds and above. (For more about digital audiences in Indonesia, read WARC’s report: Nine ways to go viral in Indonesia.)

Indonesia is now firmly mobile-first: In 2017, Brilio saw 94.1% of traffic from mobile, representing 20.3% growth in mobile traffic from 2016, while just 5.9% of traffic to Brilio in 2017 came through a desktop computer.

Time-starved Indonesians love content-dense formats that can dispatch information to them at speed, with video on social media hugely popular.

Instagram is very popular in Indonesia with up to 45 million active users, driving 25% of Brilio’s total video traffic. It’s the most efficient platform for marketers with regards to consumer engagement, even though Facebook drives the bulk of the video traffic at 53%.

“If your goal is views, and if you have a choice, move to videos,” Wadakethalakal said at the Mumbrella 360 Asia event in Singapore.

Videos get an average of 50,000-100,000 views each on Brilio compared to articles, which have an average of 10,000-20,000 views.

And listicles can also be very effective. “When you think about a listicle, it’s a very efficient way to get to content very fast, get the information quickly and get out. That’s the behaviour of the audience in Indonesia. If you create content that caters to that, they will reward you with traffic,” he said.

Sourced from WARC