This year’s Super Bowl marked NBC’s 20th broadcast of the big game, and a first appearance for streaming service Peacock.

The annual NFL event proved to be a big year for several advertisers and in YouGov’s latest analysis, the network and platform that aired Super Bowl LVI also benefited from a boost in Ad Awareness.

According to NBC Sports, Super Bowl LVI drew an average audience of 112.3 million, including 101.1 million TV viewers and an additional 11.2 million streamers. It ranked as the most watched Super Bowl program in five years.

Data from YouGov BrandIndex, which tracks consumer perceptions toward brands on a daily basis, reveals that NBC achieved the highest uplift in Ad Awareness in the month of February of all the brands tracked.

The network saw an increase of 5.3 points between the end of January (15.2% of US adults saw an ad for NBC) and the end of February (20.5%). The surge in Ad Awareness came following this year’s Super Bowl which aired on February 13.

Similarly, NBC’s streaming service Peacock registered an uptick of 4.3 points during the same period. Peacock wasn’t just involved in streaming the game; the company also ran a commercial featuring Will Smith and several fans singing and dancing to the iconic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song to introduce a reboot to the 90s classic. The new show Bel-Air aired after the conclusion of Super Bowl LVI.

February was also a big month for Samsung and its new line of Galaxy S22 phones. Following the announcement of the new Galaxy series on February 9, the brand saw an uplift in Ad Awareness of 4.3 points. By February 25, the official release date of the phones, more than 16% of all US adults say they had seen an ad for the popular mobile phone brand in the previous two weeks.

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