During April, Home Depot was the brand that earned the biggest rise in its advertising awareness in the US.

As April comes to a close, flowers begin to bloom, and the sun begins to shine, signalling families and homeowners from all across the country to dive into a shopping frenzy and partake in the yearly practice of spring cleaning.

This cyclical surge in demand for home improvement goods underscores The Home Depot’s leading position in Ad Awareness (whether someone has seen or heard an advert broadcast by a company in the past two weeks). The 13 point increase over the course of the month of April established them as the frontrunner for YouGov’s Ad of the Month.

April marks a marquee month for the home improvement industry. Sweaters and jumpers are stored away, replaced by summer provisions that place the Home Depot as the one-stop destination to welcome the new season. The home improvement stalwart has mastered the art of capitalizing on seasonal shopping trends by executing a broad advertorial push to galvanize homeowners with Spring Black Friday sales.

The Home Depot’s stratospheric rise in Ad Awareness throughout the month of April serves as a testament to the fact that you don’t always need to be at the cutting edge of Cannes-worthy creative wit to make an effective ad. Sometimes all you need is a bargain that’s too good to pass up.