Malaysian chocolate chip cookie Chipsmore is the brand that has achieved the highest uplift in its Ad Awareness during October.

The rise coincides with its latest marketing campaign: launched about a month ago, the ad features the classic Chipsmore mascot – an anthropomorphic chocolate chip cookie – celebrating its 30th birthday. The ad has seen over 400,000 views on YouTube alone.

The ad challenges people to a #2Fast2Sing contest, with its very own branded lyrics to be sung in under five seconds or less. The winner stands to win from RM90,000 worth of prizes, including Apple AirPods. The contest has also been endorsed by Malaysian influencer Elizabeth Tan who boasts over 1.8 million followers on Instagram alone.

YouGov BrandIndex data shows that Chipsmore’s ads have captured Malaysians’ attention: the brand’s Ad Awareness score (whether someone has seen an advert for the brand in the past two weeks) has risen from +21.3 to +36.3, jumping 15 points.

Not only are Chipsmore ads attracting attention, Malaysians have also been hearing more positive things about the brand. Chipsmore’s Buzz score has risen from +18.3 to +29.9, rising +11.6 points.