The global marketing think tank WARC has been devoted to the exploration of effective marketing for 35 years. You have also become one of the more than 75,000 marketers who have visited WARC. I hope you have experienced the more extensive and Deeper, more specialized marketing knowledge with an eye on emerging trends shaping the future of marketing, along with a wealth of well-crafted data reports and unbiased insights. Now, WARC will reveal more exciting things for you.

Just as the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (Cannes Lions) returned to the offline this week, WARC and it worked together to create creative effects, and finally released WARC's new "Marketing Effectiveness Platform" at the Cannes event site, optimizing the original think tank website into strategy, media , creative and digital business 4 major sections, providing an upgraded one-stop marketing knowledge platform for the industry across the 4 major sections.

Let’s first take a look at what new functional blocks and experiences are offered by WARC Strategy, WARC Medium, WARC Creative and WARC Digital Commerce:

Best practices and case studies under the WARC strategy section allow you to obtain category and channel intelligence, global market strategy reports, as well as case studies and campaign data spanning decades and collected from top global awards; WARC lectures are regular podcasts and webinars, inviting industry players from home and abroad to talk about current marketing challenges; you can also read under the WARC strategy a series of regular reports on the most pressing issues in the marketing world. (Check out the Chinese version spotlight on "Marketers' Battle Against the 'Pandemic'" ), or use the online strategy toolkit to learn strategy fundamentals, develop strategy analysis skills, and support your own training programs.

The latest white paper from WARC Strategy, "Analysis of Effectiveness (2022 Update)" , explains the 5 cornerstones of effective advertising for marketers.

★ WARC media collects data from more than 100 reliable sources, including GWI, Ipsos, Interactive Advertising Bureau, Nielsen, etc., and based on the "Have" methodology - Harmonise, Aggregate, Verify ), Evaluate, and provide intuitive interactive charts. AI-powered ad spend forecasts across 100 markets, 19 product segments, and a broad range of online and traditional media formats and publishers help you spot emerging trends instantly. You can also view exclusive "Global Advertising Trends" analysis and monthly industry health barometer "Global Marketing Index (GMI)" at WARC Media.

WARC media can be used as a powerful investment benchmark to help you improve your budgeting process, including ROI, ROMI, and ad/sales ratios for advertisers, publishers, formats and categories , so your media strategy is always evidence-based Insights to make advertising investment play a greater role in the media matrix.

★ WARC creative is jointly created by WARC and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. In order to make your ideas more effective, we dig into the details of major successful marketing campaigns around the world to filter, organize, and analyze, and create multiple tools to help you easily track the effects and evaluate whether the ideas have achieved the expected results. Of course, the WARC creative section also includes exclusive content such as the WARC rankings , the weather vane of the advertising industry, and creative effectiveness ladder + planning .

Using data, reports, customized recommendations and practical case studies, you can benchmark, diagnose, continuously improve ideas and increase business impact based on understanding the principles of effective creative marketing. Users enter campaign details, and they can find out where they are on the creative effectiveness ladder, their "creative work" score based on campaign budget, duration in the market, media spread, comparison with competitor performance, and projected and achieved goals. Recommendations and best practices for the best solutions.

★ As brand marketing and e-commerce converge, they still use different languages and different success metrics. WARC Digital Commerce aims to provide one-stop analysis, best practices and insights for brand marketers and e-commerce leaders to Develop a successful digital platform strategy and plan and gain a better understanding of how to optimize exposure, media investment, and amplify the impact of ideas on digital platforms to drive sales.

The first WARC digital commerce "Amazon Index Report" focuses on functional improvements on Amazon, from data dimensions such as native search, paid search, and advertising content, for how brands can turn data and KPIs into actionable insights on the platform provide benchmarks.

For a week, WARC invited marketing officers from McDonald's, Nestlé, Meta and other brands/agency, as well as Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer of System1 Group, Peter Field, Marketing Consultant, and Karen Nelson-Field, Founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence. The Big Three", shared topics related to these 4 major sectors at the WARC home in Cannes, such as "The Collision of Marketing and Digital Commerce", "What's the Creative Effect in 2022", "How Nestle Coffee Plays in China's Game Culture" Connecting Generation Z in China", "Climbing the B2B Effectiveness Ladder Needs Big Ideas, 'Long' Ideas", etc.

If you are a WARC subscriber, you can now go to the homepage and drop down the main menu on the right to easily enter the WARC Talks (WARC Talks) section to listen to these wonderful conversations.

Advertising effectiveness "Big Three" speech scene

Audience at the WARC Forum

Spectators queuing for admission outside WARC digital business event

WARC digital business event site

Come join the WARC community and unlock more abundant and convenient functions on the new WARC marketing effectiveness platform. In addition to the content under the above four major sections, you can also quickly enter the information flow, customized consultation, WARC Academy, draft support, awards and other columns and services, and set your own preferences and favorites to carry out effective marketing like never before.

Why choose WARC?

Today, WARC starts from London, New York, Singapore and Shanghai, and has a global footprint. Its clients include the world's leading brands, advertising and media agencies, media owners, research companies and universities, including the world's largest five top advertising groups and five top Advertisers, help more marketers as follows:

  • Concise, unbiased marketing guidelines and curated reports on the latest trends
  • Exclusive tools that allow you to maximize your creativity
  • Accumulate decades of WARC-validated media spend, consumption and cost data
  • Benchmarking tools and indices to measure success, help research tests to drive digital sales
  • More than 20,000 valuable and effective marketing case studies from around the world

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