According to data from YouGov BrandIndex – which monitors consumer perceptions toward brands daily – Apple, Aldi and iPhone made the biggest gains in Ad Awareness in the UK for the month of September 2023.

Ad Awareness asks consumers if they have seen an advertisement for the brand in the past two weeks, and the difference between a brand's low and high scores for the month determines our Advertisers of the Month. 

Tech company Apple recorded the highest gain in Ad Awareness of all the brands we track in the UK. Ad Awareness of the brand rose from 18.2% to 26.4% percent, giving it the greatest uptick in scores (8.25 percentage points). In addition to the announcement and release of iPhone 15, Apple has launched various campaigns in the recent past starting with back-to-school offers and Apple Pay. Apple also released a five-minute ad promoting its efforts to reach a net zero carbon footprint by 2030. The ad’s already been viewed over four million times on YouTube.

September’s second Advertiser of the Month is Aldi, which rose from 20.8% to 27.2% in Ad Awareness, gaining 6.3 percentage points. 

The retail chain’s gains may be related to recent announcements of price cuts to make products more affordable during the cost-of-living crisis. In other news Aldi aims to level the playing field in the US against its biggest rival in the Southeast after the Winn-Dixie takeover.

Apart from the overarching Apple brand, iPhone, a major Apple product, also saw an increase in Ad Awareness scores rounding up the top three Advertisers of the Month for September 2023. Its Ad Awareness scores increased by 6.1% going from 14.1% on August 26 to 20.2% on September 25. This surge comes on the heels of the brand’s iPhone 15 launch announced a few weeks ago and the subsequent announcement of the iPhone15 Pro.

Methodology: YouGov BrandIndex collects data on thousands of brands every day. A brand’s Ad Awareness score is based on the question: “Which of the following consumer brands have you seen an advertisement for in the past two weeks?” Data from surveys of adults aged 18 years and above residing in the US from July 26 to August 25, 2023. Ad Awareness scores are based on a four-week moving average. The change in scores for each brand is calculated by taking the difference between the highest and lowest scoring days within the period. Learn more about BrandIndex.