Last year, we saw the majority of advertising campaigns feature some use of social media. No longer a niche channel, brands have taken to Facebook, Twitter and Weibo with enthusiasm, trying to engage in stronger relationships with their customers. But is it worth it?

Here at Warc, we recently analysed almost 800 campaign case studies for our Seriously Social trends report. Amongst our findings, we discovered that the presence of social media is no guarantee of advertising effectiveness. From those that have shown excellent social use, we've distilled the important lessons that you should apply to your future campaigns.

Are you taking social seriously
Most recent cases on Warc featured a social media element
But cases featuring social media were a lower % of gold award winners than of all cases
Four things that marketers should take seriously when planning a social media campaign
Top 15 social brands
Facebook is most mentioned site in Warc social cases
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This infographic was created using content from the Warc Trends Seriously Social report.
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