Today we've been taking a journey through the sixties and seventies following our publication of classic papers from JWT London.

I've enjoyed seeing what Stephen King and Jeremy Bullmore were expecting from "Tomorrow's Food" in their 1971 speech to the Food Manufacturers' Federation but the highlight for me is Rena Bartos' lecture on "What every marketer should know about women".

30 years on, it seems alien to think it was assumed that, "The number of women who work may be increasing, but they are usually unmarried women. They are mostly single girls working for a few years before they are married or some poor unfortunates who have to work because they are divorced or widowed." I have been fascinated with how Bartos broke down the assumptions and encouraged the marketing world to rethink its strategies during a time when traditional gender roles were changing dramatically.

Still, a lot has changed since 1978... hasn't it?