Attention planners! Now may be the time to hunt down that out of work actor friend and brush up those camera skills.

For the APG UK has announced that the live presentations made by the entrants for this year's Creative Strategy Awards will be filmed and made available on its new website. And there were more new competition features announced at yesterday's launch event for the 2011 awards.

Previously, papers were used to create a shortlist with the winners selected after the presentations round. Now, marks will be split 50/50 between the paper and presentation, with the overall winner coming from the highest combination of the two scores.

Participants' scores will also be revealed after the Awards.

Judges will be looking for a compelling story or presentation, originality and the "I wish I had done that" factor.

In the coveted Agency of the Year competition, the number of points for a Gold has been increased from five to seven in a bid to reward winners of the top prizes above all.

Russell Davies, head of European planning at Ogilvy and convenor of the judges, added that authors would need to demonstrate "more than really good craft" to win.

To judge the standard that you are up against, you can research the 2009 winners here (this link is for Warc subscribers only, though you can take out a trial here.) On the Warc page, you can read the papers from two of the most memorable of the 2009 crop – Eurostar and Mother's venture into branded content via the movie, Somers Town, and the all-conquering campaign for video game, Halo 3 (winner of a Cannes Lion, US and Euro-Effie and the 2009 Creative Strategy Awards Grand Prix). Both were presented again at the launch event last night.

The APG is promising updates on the jury, special awards and other features via its website. The deadline for entries is May 15.

To keep track of this and other awards' deadlines, use Warc's Awards Calendar on our Latest Awards page.