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Latest Awards

Browse the latest award-winning brand campaigns from the world's leading advertising and marketing effectiveness awards and competitions.

For more information about Warc's own awards, visit the Warc Prizes pages.




John Lewis

The Grand Prix went to John Lewis for The gift that keeps on giving, covering its Christmas ads from 2012-2015.

Other Winners include:

The Economist: Raising eyebrows
Snickers: Hollywood blockbuster Guinness: Made of More


Warc's five annual prizes showcase the best in marketing communications.

These are:


John Lewis

The Grand Prix went to Kraft for The Blind Taste Test, which surprised US fans with a new recipe, and same taste.

Other Winners include:

Seamless: Taking back New York
American Cancer Society:
Advantage Humans

WARC 100

The world's smartest campaigns

DMA UKWarc's annual ranking of the smartest marketing campaigns and companies in the world.

Rankings are based on results from 75 major effectiveness and strategy awards.


IMC Awards 2016
Hailo, Heineken, Mercedes-Benz
Dragons of Asia 2016
WWF, Alipay, KFC, Kellogg's
MRS Awards 2016
BBC, PayPal, British Gas, Sky
DMA Echo Awards 2016
DB Breweries, Intel, Pedigree
DMA UK Awards 2016
Unibet, Peugeot, Microsoft, O2
EACA EuroEffies 2016
Inspired by Iceland, Volvo, UPS
MMA Smarties 2016
Dunkin Donuts, Nike, Dove, BMW
Australian Effies 2016
MLA, ANZ, SportsBet, OfficeWorks
WPP Atticus Awards 2016
Thought leadership from WPP
Cannes Lions 2016
John Lewis, Economist, Old Spice
Marketing Society 2016
Sensodyne, O2, Pot Noodle
North American Effies 2016
Ad Council, Target, Sour Patch
IAB Research Awards 2016
Instagram, Yahoo!, BBC
ARF Ogilvy Awards 2016
Nestlé, truth, Lowe's, Warner Bros
AME Awards 2016
BMW, Nazis Against Nazis
Design Effectiveness Awards 2016
HM Government, Johnnie Walker
DMA UK Awards 2015
The Economist, NSPCC, ghd
IMC European Awards 2015
KBC, McDonald's, Lucozade
PMAA Dragons of Asia 2015
Nutralite, Sagami, Volkswagen
Warc Prize Asia 2015
Idea Cellular, Visa, Whisper
New Zealand Effies 2015
NZTA, Fonterra, Land Rover
APG Creative Strategy 2015
Sport England, Guinness, Three
EACA Euro Effies 2015
Deutsche Telekom, Durex, Lenor
Jay Chiat Awards 2015
Under Armour, Mountain Dew, Apple
MMA Smarties 2015
Heineken, Audi TT, Sunsilk, Durex
Australian Effies 2015
Beam Suntory, SA Health, Luxxotica
Cannes Lions 2015
Volvo Trucks, John Lewis, Sony
Marketing Society Awards 2015
EDF Energy, Guinness, Robinsons
WPP Atticus Awards 2015
Thought leadership from WPP
EACA Care Awards 2015
Special Olympics, Amnesty, UNDP
Warc Social Prize 2015
America's Navy, Coca-Cola, Three
North American Effies 2015
Coca-Cola, LifeBeat, P&G
ARF David Ogilvy Awards 2015
Pantene, Toyota, Knorr, ESPN
CASSIES Awards 2015
Molson Coors, Hellmann's, IKEA
Design Effectiveness Awards 2015
BT, Intel, Virgin Atlantic, Fairy
IMC European Awards 2014
Renault, Kellogg's, KBC, Nestlé
DMA UK Awards 2014
BITC, British Airways, Durex, O2
IPA Effectiveness Awards 2014
Foster's, Mercedes, ONLY, Dacia
MRS Awards 2014
Virgin Atlantic, PepsiCo, Barclays
APG Australia 2014
ANPHA, Tiger Beer, Samsung
Warc Prize Asia 2014
adidas, Google, Johnnie Walker
DMA ECHO Awards 2014
Fuji Xerox, Google, Aeroplan
Jay Chiat Awards 2014
British Airways, Cheerios, IKEA
MMA Smarties 2014
Hindustan Unilever, Nike, Google
Dragons of Asia 2014
McDonald's, Samsung, Unilever
Australian Effies 2014
Challenge, BONDS, RaboDirect
IAPI AdFx 2014
Fáilte Ireland, McDonald's, Topaz
WPP Atticus Awards 2013
Thought leadership from WPP
Cannes Lions 2014
V/Line, Expedia, McDonald's, Dove
North American Effies 2014
Dove, Kmart, U by Kotex, Target
The Warc Prize for Social Strategy
Doritos, Evian, Mizuno, Mercedes
ARF David Ogilvy Awards 2014
Reddi-wip, Coca-Cola, HP
CASSIES Awards 2014
Budweiser, McDonald's, IKEA
Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
BEAR, Tesco, Gressingham
DMA UK Awards 2013
Monarch Airlines, RSPB, blinkbox
4A's Jay Chiat Awards 2013
Vodafone, Cole Haan, IBM, Axe
APG Creative Strategy 2013
Banco Popular, Sprite, BA
IMC European Awards 2013
DELA, Murphy's, ALS Foundation
MMA Smarties 2013
Samsung, Mercedes, Billboard
DMA ECHO International 2013
Tip Top, MAPFRE, Google Chrome
New Zealand Effies 2013
Health Promotion, V Energy Drink
Warc Prize Asia 2013
Philippines Tourism, Voltas, Gillette
EACA Euro Effies 2013
easyJet, ONLY, VisitScotland
Australian Effies 2013
NRMA Insurance, Victoria Bitter
WPP Atticus Awards 2012
The Futures Company, TNS, Landor
Cannes Effectiveness Lions 2013
Heineken, John Lewis, Steinlager
North American Effies 2013
Call of Duty, Chipotle, P&G
Warc Prize for Innovation 2013
Art Series Hotels, OREO, V/Line
EACA Care Awards 2013
Fragile Childhood, Sported
ARF David Ogilvy Awards 2013
P&G, Slim Jim, Windows 8, Kmart
Design Effectiveness Awards 2013
MailOnline, M&S, Lysol/Dettol
CASSIES 2013, Budweiser, BMW
DMA UK Awards 2012
Kern & Sohn, Frijj, MINI, IKEA
IMC Awards 2012
Havana Club, HEMA, Telefónica
APG Australia Awards 2012
OAK, M.J. Bale, Tooheys
IPA Effectiveness 2012
John Lewis, Cadbury, Dove
Jay Chiat Awards 2012
Dove, General Mills, Nissan
IAPI AdFx Awards 2012
Supervalu, SKODA, Heineken
ESOMAR Awards 2012
Excellence in market research
DMA ECHO Awards 2012
Pedigree, Microsoft, GRAACC, Kraft
New Zealand Effies 2012
Steinlager, Hell Pizza, 2degrees
Warc Prize Asia 2012
NTUC Income, Tiger Beer, Gillette
EuroEffies 2012
Havana Club, FIFA 12, Visit Sweden
Australian Effies 2012
Road Safety, Vinnies, RaboDirect
WPP Atticus Awards 2011
JWT, MEC, Ogilvy Noor
Cannes Effectiveness Lions 2012
Axe/Lynx, Snickers, Bundaberg Rum
Warc Prize for Innovation 2012
Rom, Dettol, Polident, Febreze
EACA Care Awards 2012
B92 Fund, Amnesty International
North American Effies 2012
Chrysler, Kraft Athenos, AT&T
ARF Ogilvies 2012
Vicks, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, IKEA
Design Effectiveness Awards 2012
Legal & General, Shell, Dulux, Asda
CASSIES Awards 2012
N&L Tourism, Caramilk, McCain
DMA UK Awards 2011, British Airways, Nissan
IMC European Awards 2011
Bavaria, Audi, Kelloggs
IPA Effectiveness 2011
Colombian MoD, Ovaltine, Depaul
ESOMAR Awards 2011
Excellence in market research
Jay Chiat Awards 2011
Puma, Gatorade, Adobe
APG Creative Strategy 2011
Stella Artois,, Orange
New Zealand Effies 2011
Depression Initiative, DB Export, V
DMA ECHO Awards 2011
AT&T, MTV, Carrefour
EACA Euro Effies 2011
Iceland, Nikon, Audi
Australian Effies 2011
Tontine, HSBC, Bega Cheese
WPP Atticus Awards 2010
Ogilvy, Landor, TNS
Cannes Lions 2011
Walkers, McDonald's, Gillette
The Warc Prize for Asian Strategy
I Lohas, Dairy Milk, Anlene
EACA Care Awards 2011
Depaul UK, CAP48, AIDES
North American Effies 2011
Old Spice, Snickers, MINI Cooper
The ARF 2011 David Ogilvy Awards
Domino's, Wheat Thins, Powerade
CASSIES Awards 2011
Hellmann's, Activia, Molson 67
Marketing Society 2007-2010
Dulux, Audi, Marks & Spencer
DBA Design Effectiveness 2011
Waitrose, Fyne Ales, KFC
DMA UK Awards 2010
O2, PG Green, Halifax, Virgin Trains
Australian Creative Strategy 2010
Toohey's New, Vic Roads, Ikea
IPA Effectiveness Awards 2010
Hovis, O2, Wispa, HSBC
IMC European Awards 2010
Compeed, PlayStation, Doritos
IAPI AdFx Awards 2010
Compeed, PlayStation, Doritos
DMA ECHO Awards 2010
FSC Inserta, Volkswagen, IBM
ESOMAR Awards 2010
Excellence in market research
Jay Chiat Awards 2010
Gatorade, ParticipACTION, Microsoft
CAANZ Effies 2010
Whiskas, 2degrees, BMW Mini
Australian Effies 2010
Allen's Jellies, FBi Radio
Euro Effies 2010
Hornbach, Fiesta, BOSS Orange
The 2010 Warc Prize
Pepsi, I Lohas, Rexona
WPP Atticus Awards 2009
Mobile Mania, Anxiety Index
North American Effies 2010
Detroit Public Schools, IBM
ARF David Ogilvy Awards 2010
UPS, Bank of America, GM
SunChips,, Koodoo
DMA UK Awards 2009
Benchmark DM, Danone, RSPCA
IMC European Awards 2009
Heineken, Coca-Cola, Makro
CAANZ Effies 2009
Kiwibank, Dulux, Ford, adidas
IPA Effectiveness 2009
Morrisons, Halifax, Knorr, Nutella
DMA International Echo 2009
BabyCenter, SulAmérica Seguros
DBA Design Effectiveness 2009
Serum 7, Durex, Gas Safety, Philips
AFA Australian Effies 2009
WWF Earth Hour, Kit Kat, Foxtel
APG Creative Strategy 2009
XBox 360 Halo 3, Eurostar, DTC
4A's Jay Chiat 2009
Häagen-Dazs, The Atlantic, JetBlue
EACA Euro Effies 2009
Barclays, Dove, BMW, Nespresso
WPP Atticus 2008
Ogilvy, Landor, Yankelovich