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A special Snapshot series offering guidance and insights to marketers amidst the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Unprecedented disruption calls for an unprecedented response.

Plans for 2020 are mostly out the window, with the on-going novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak keeping marketing teams stuck in a holding pattern. Activities from manufacturing to logistics have been thrown into chaos. Limitations on travel in some markets will hurt categories like tourism, fast food and brick-and-mortar retail. Rising consumer anxiety as the epidemic grows could, in turn, lead to a fall in discretionary expenditure worldwide.

Right now, charting the most effective route possible in these uncertain times – coupled with hope and optimism that steadier conditions lie just mere months away – tops the priority list.

In response, WARC has launched a special guidance series that will give marketers the advice, frameworks and tools they need to recalibrate strategies, and ensure they’re in a strong position for recovery. This WARC Snapshot will be an ongoing series featuring insights from a range of industry experts — both endemic and non-endemic to the marketing function.

Do bookmark this link and check back often as we add fresh perspectives and thinking to help inform and inspire new strategies for the year ahead.

Articles in this series on Marketing in the COVID-19 crisis

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