NEW YORK: Parents who are also consumers of cannabis report that they spend more time watching TV with their children and enjoy it more after they’ve taken the drug, according to new research.

Strategic research agency Miner & Co. Studio carried out a survey of 575 cannabis-consuming parents of children under the age of 18 and who were living in states where cannabis is legal for recreational and/or medical purposes.

Almost eight in ten respondents said they regularly consumed cannabis when watching or getting ready to watch TV with their kids, ranging from occasionally (17%) to frequently (35%).

And a similar proportion reported that their (discrete) practice improved the time they spend watching TV as a family: not only do they spend more time watching their kids’ TV hosed and feel the shows are more enjoyable, they are also more engaged in discussing these with their children.

“[Cannabis-consuming parents] find themselves better able to put aside the impatience that is such an entrenched part of today’s adult experience and take the time to relax and bond with their kids,” said Robert Miner, president of Miner & Co. Studio.

It may not be a huge surprise that these relaxed parents end up watching more TV – and more ads.

Three quarters (77%) noted that cannabis improves their attention span so they’re more likely to binge-watch (79%), try out new shows and series (77%) and feel more immersed in the show that they’re watching (86%).

And a majority also said they were more likely to let commercials play (77%) when they’d been consuming cannabis.

Miner & Co Studio noted that its survey respondents were largely wealthy professionals with an annual household income exceeding $75,000 and for whom cannabis plays a positive role in their lives – and suggested that the media “stoner stereotype” needs to change.

Many respondents felt feel cannabis use in TV shows should be no different than seeing a character consume wine, beer or a cocktail – and seven in ten millennial parents would prefer to see characters in TV shows consume cannabis instead of alcohol.

Sourced from Miner & Co Studio; additional content by WARC staff