What's in store for 2020?

This year's Marketer's Toolkit is a guide to which near-term trends your peers are prioritising and what you can do to keep ahead of the market.

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WARC spoke to ten marketing leaders to gather their insights on the year ahead.
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Marketer's Toolkit 2020: Data Report

The Data Report covers five drivers of change for 2020: Society, Technology, Economy, Industry and Policy.

Findings from the Marketer's Toolkit 2020 survey include:

  • Growing concern around consumer privacy online and a rise of conscious consumerism;
  • Brands are cautious about further tech investment, though AI will be a priority;
  • Search is expected to be a focus in 2020 and investment in online video will continue.

Deep-dive chapters

1. The Greta effect

Theme Society

  • In 2020 marketers need to respond to the demand for environmental stewardship.
  • Marketers are taking action to embrace the ‘circular economy’.
  • Whatever issue is being embraced, these are long-term commitments.

2. Context and connected TV: Reinventing programmatic

Theme Technology

  • Programmatic technology will bring addressability to new quality media environments.
  • Marketers are focusing on contextual – rather than purely audience-based – targeting.
  • Opportunities arise when brands can dynamically insert targeted video ads into live TV streams.

3. The pivot back to brand

Theme Economy

  • Many marketers are looking to reinvest in long-term brand building in 2020.
  • The same rules of sustainable long-term growth now apply to digital-first brands.
  • Online video is key for brand-building but spend in performance channels is also set to rise.

4. Building brands in the walled gardens

Theme Industry

  • Combining paid advertising with e-commerce fulfilment promises a greater link between marketing investment and business performance.
  • Marketers are increasingly tasked with building brands within ecosystems out of their control.
  • Amazon's sights on the brand dollars still being spent on TV media may require it to compromise its UX approach.

5. Privacy-first marketing

Theme Policy

  • Stronger data protection rights give consumers more control over their data.
  • The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) limits how companies can collect, store, use and share customer data.
  • There are opportunities for brands to present themselves as ‘privacy first’.

CMO interviews

WARC interviewed 10 marketing leaders to get their views on the challenges and priorities for 2020 – find out what they had to say: