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The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) is an open forum where the best and the brightest from every avenue of advertising can gather to exchange ideas and research strategies. Together, we challenge conventional maxims, take on the latest issues, and discover new insights to benefit us all.

This collaboration yields something invaluable: knowledge. Knowledge that is meaningful, actionable, and indispensable. Knowledge that empowers our members to have a true impact on their marketing programs and their organizations. Knowledge that changes perspective and changes the game.

The Journal of Advertising Research

The Journal of Advertising Research is the principal source of new research knowledge for advertising, marketing and media research professionals in the United States. Published by the Advertising Research Foundation, this peer-reviewed journal keeps its readers armed with both current findings and future trends that are vital for everyone involved with advertising strategy, promotion, new product development, marketing research and media scheduling.

The ARF began publishing the Journal of Advertising Research in 1960, and since its inception, it has become one of the seminal journals in the industry. The JAR encourages dialogue between practitioners and academics to expand the scientific body of knowledge about all facets of marketing and advertising research and to facilitate translation of that knowledge to support the ARF's mission of "effective business through research and insights."

Further details can be found on the Journal of Advertising Research website.

The ARF David Ogilvy Awards

Named after advertising legend David Ogilvy, The ARF David Ogilvy Awards for Excellence in Advertising Research annually celebrate his spirited advocacy of research in making good advertising better, recognizing the role of consumer research in creating successful advertising.

The ARF David Ogilvy Awards were inspired in 1993 when Coca-Cola sought the ARF's assistance in integrating research into their advertising development process. So successful were the process and results, that even the creative agencies embraced it.

The Awards honor extraordinary and/or creative uses of research in the advertising development processes of research firms, advertising agencies, and advertisers. The winning campaigns provide a keen understanding of how research can be used to create powerful, profitable campaigns.

ARF Membership

Since 1936, our goal has been to lead our industry forward. As an open-minded, unbiased environment, free of partisan interests, the ARF facilitates a smarter, stronger, and more effective community.

The ARF encompasses a diverse group of experts from all walks of marketing life. From Fortune 500 companies to research practices, ARF members include more than 400 advertisers, advertising agencies, associations, research firms and media companies. What all our members share is a belief in the power of great research and a dedication to finding real, actionable research solutions.

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