Brand aging is inevitable, is there an antidote? Rejuvenation is becoming a good recipe for brand anti-aging? With the growth of consumers, changes in consumer demand, the evolution of product life cycles, and the development of the market and economic environment, how to keep up with the rapid reshuffle of the market and not be eliminated or marginalized by consumers is what many brands need to plan ahead. The focus of the deployment plan.

On February 15, 2023, two judges and experts from the previous WARC Greater China Strategy Awards attended an online seminar, starting from 5 WARC award-winning cases in different markets and categories at home and abroad, to interpret how brands should embrace the younger generation correctly, and discuss Best practices and inspirations for dealing with brand "mid-life crisis" and youthful anxiety. At the same time, taking the opportunity of the participation of judges and experts, the seminar also prepared Q&A and guidance content for the participating units who are preparing to participate in the 3rd WARC Greater China Strategy Award, and shared suggestions for participating.

"Online Seminar: The Sorrow of Time and Timelessness, How Brands Can Solve the Aging 'Midlife Crisis' and Youth Anxiety"


Heidi Zhang Zhang Min, Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Communications China

Leeon Zhu 朱丽辉, Director of Consumer Strategy, Asia Pacific, Diageo


Amber Chen Chen Yinqiu, Senior Content Development & Project Manager of WARC China