This post is by Mark Hawkins, Chief Executive of ONE TWO FOUR.

One of our ways to engage with audiences is through Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP), a form of Branded Content that has been around since the 1930s. With new waves of brand experiences AFP broadcast deals can include combinations of many different elements, so here are our top ten things to remember if you're considering AFP:

1. Effectiveness

If you're looking to move the dial, AFP is an ideal platform to stand out from the crowd – whether your objective is awareness, consideration or reaching new audiences.

2. Value

AFP generates a huge amount of branded content compared to spot advertising budgets. This can be repurposed for online and social as well as catch up TV.

3. Timing

TV channels allocate their broadcast schedules 6-12 months in advance so it pays to plan ahead.

4. Insight

Channels have very different wish lists. Identify whether your idea is really something a broadcaster would want to show on their channel. They won't take just anything because it's fully funded.

5. Stakeholders

With so many interested parties it's vital to get everyone aligned as early as possible: client, media and creative agencies, production company and broadcaster.

6. Audience

Audiences don't distinguish between AFP and regular programming. Therefore the AFP needs to be entertaining and informative in its own right.

7. Placement

Seamless integration is key. Ensure the brand's product, messaging, or values are baked into the content so they feel core to the proposition not added on.

8. Journey

Begin a journey from programme bumpers and breaks, leading audiences from the show to channel websites, to a purchase or action point.

9. Fame

TV is still the biggest game in town; proven every day by Twitter's trending topics. Aim to generate bold content that stirs debate and drive conversations.

10. Revenue

Potential for extra revenue from the IP share of International TV sales as well as merchandising and live events.

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