It’s here, it’s out... The redesigned Admap has just arrived in the Warc offices, resplendent in its lime green jacket and accompanied by enthusiastic whoops. Yours should be with you within the week, subject to the vagaries of postal systems.

As you can see below the February issue of Admap has taken on a whole new look, created by the award-winning designer David Hillman.


Old Admap
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New Admap
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And the new presentation comes with great new content, authored by some of the most respected thinkers in the industry – Simon Clemmow, John Bartle, MT Rainey, Guy Murphy, Paul Feldwick and Merry Baskin to name but a few.

Check out Mark Earls’ piece on the “New Audience”. According to Mark, you must forget the outdated notion of a passive audience receptive to your brand messages. “If they’re an audience at all, it’s first and foremost for themselves. And therein lies the opportunity for marketers,” he suggests.

We’re pleased as punch, but I’d love to hear what readers think.