This week we’re launching a new monthly report – here’s what you need to know.

‘The WARC Guide’ looks at some of the biggest and most pressing issues in the industry. I’m really excited about this new headline piece of content every month – and I hope you will be too.

This month it’s the WARC Guide to Segmentation, looking at how the art of segmentation is changing as brands look to new data sources, and why it’s still relevant in an age of personalisation and machine learning. Coming up we have Guides on structuring marketing teams for effectiveness, marketing in a recession and planning for attention.

Each Guide will consist of a summary deck, drawing on fresh new research and the latest expert guidance, plus case studies, examples and data from across the WARC platform. You’ll get the chance to hear from some of the people behind the report in a monthly client-only webinar, and we’ll be summarising the main points in infographics and podcast.

You’ll find all this at the WARC Guide page.

The Guides will also be international in scope, with WARC’s teams in New York, London, Singapore and Shanghai pulling in the best new thinking globally.

The launch of this new format replaces our Admap brand. 18 months ago, Admap ceased to be a print magazine, as its business model was no longer viable. Since then we have transformed Admap into a monthly online focus offering guidance and research on key topics.

We’re now continuing that transition by renaming the product the WARC Guide and expanding it into new formats.

It’s never easy phasing out a long-established brand, especially a brand like Admap that has brought so much new research to the industry over the past 50 years. And it’s only right that I take this opportunity to salute all the past editors of Admap who pulled all of that together, particularly Roderick White and Colin Grimshaw, who between them managed the print title for nearly 20 years and did so much to keep the industry focused on evidence amid the shiny new world of digital.

But as WARC expands internationally and to new audiences, it’s important that our products reflect our ambitions as a business, and live up to our goal of giving marketers the confidence to meet the industry’s biggest challenges. Hence the new brand and the new formats.

Enjoy the report – and please do let us know what you think.