Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is set to benefit from a "virtuous cycle" as new technologies and capabilities connect screens and locations with smartphones, beacons and even virtual reality, according to a recent report from the IAB.

The "Digital Out-of-Home Buyer's Guide: How to reach the on-the-go consumer" was developed by the IAB's Digital Out-of-Home Task Force – a group comprising 22 members including Intel, AT&T AdWorks and NBCUniversal.

And it identified three areas which are likely to play a central role in DOOH's future:

  • Connectedness: More screens, burgeoning amounts of data and the use of APIs will, together, allow marketers to "trigger and evolve" exactly the right content – ads, editorial, municipal information, and so on – for individual DOOH locations.
  • Planning/analysis: Improved methods for collecting and crunching the data yielded by "smart" technologies (e.g. cellphones and other sensors) will enable location-specific activations, offering greater value to consumers.
  • Multi-screen messaging: Deeper consumer understanding should facilitate "multi-screen storytelling" that is personalized to the recipient. And tools like mobile GPS mean new ways of determining effectiveness are also rapidly taking shape.

Given such trends, the study concluded, advancing capabilities and standards will ensure that DOOH reaches consumers more efficiently and effectively via a combination of streamlined ad serving, tighter targeting and increasingly granular metrics. And beacons, drones, facial recognition, geofencing, virtual reality and similar tech only promise to enhance this process.

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