Coverage of the Cannes Lions inevitably focused more on the best-in-class from Europe and America. We know from Warc's coverage of the Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions 2016 that 59% of Case Studies came from Europe and 34% from North America compared to 21% from Asia and 12% from Australia & New Zealand respectively.

However, what this region lacked in quantity, it made up for in sheer quality, with markets like India and Australia over-indexing in the number of campaigns shortlisted (vs. those submitted). Below are the Warc Singapore office's favourites from the Cannes Creative Effectiveness winners:

Bonds, The Boys, Australia, Silver, Integrated Lions

Leading with a series of entertaining online films that shed insight on life as a testicle, the Bonds campaign thoroughly deserved its gong. From going for a cycle, to having a trim, to taking a swim, the campaign sheds light on the daily hardships encountered in a ball-sack.

Emily Small, head of marketing at Bonds explained that "the campaign takes a light-hearted view of what really might go on inside Men's underpants; it is a reminder to make sure your boys are always comfy."

SKII, Marriage Market Takeover, Gold Lion for PR  and Corporate Social Responsibility

SKI II, the cosmetics brand, highlights the pressures Chinese women face, from both their parents and society, to be married by a certain age or face being 'leftover.'

"We always thought our daughter had a great personality. She's just average looking, not too pretty," says a mother in the video as her daughter, seated next to her, fights back tears. "That's why she's leftover."

With this beautifully executed edit, SK-II's takeover of a marriage market in Shanghai sends a clear message that these women are not "leftover;' they are people who will choose if and when they want to get married.

NTUC Supermarket, Orange Aid- Last Day of School, Silver Entertainment Lion

An emotive six- minute film that draws the viewer in to the story of an underprivileged family in Singapore. Looking after her father and two siblings, the edit highlights a struggle that is not uncommon, but easily forgotten, in a wealthy country-state.

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