‘Chu Quan’ marketing offers an opportunity for brands to connect beyond their categories and become a part of a wider cultural conversation.

What is Chu Quan? 

‘Chu Quan’ (出圈) refers to the phenomenon of an idol so popular that he or she is not only known by his/her own fans, but also by people who don’t follow entertainment news.

Why does it matter?

Social media has an outsized importance as a medium of influence in China, explains Alice Yu Yuebo, Digital Engagement Lead at Prudential Assurance Singapore. It’s no longer enough for brands to “wow” their own sectors – they must strive to extend the social conversation to a broader audience.

What can brands do?

The key to going viral is continuously generating more output that can then be reinvested in the input. One effective approach is tapping into social trends and getting closer with communities, to bring about UGCs and the network effect. 


“Sooner or later, going viral beyond your own industry will become not just a dream, but a KPI for all diligent marketers.”

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Sourced from WARC