In the US, the rise of purpose-driven branding has also brought brands perilously close to the political divide because there’s a tendency to label every constituency as red or blue. One solution is to be clear about their values, setting the stage for messaging and media in harmony with the brand.

Why it matters

In a country split in two over politics, brands that don’t accurately wrestle with their values, can alienate a major percentage of consumers.


  • The process of assessing values starts from the inside out, ascertaining what you believe, being that belief, and broadcasting it through messaging.
  • Media choices are part of this, so brands must take steps toward brand safety and suitability to be in alignment with messaging.
  • What gives a brand the right to attach to a social or political cause is not its “years-in-business,” but its ”years-in-believing” its values.

The big idea

The best brands have always reflected the times they inhabit, but US culture has become US politics; and brands need to be wary. 

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