Among the many changes in consumer behaviour that have been triggered by COVID-19, it appears that restrictions have made people more appreciative of their local surroundings and this, in turn, has prompted heightened awareness of out-of-home advertising.

According to Posterscope, a global location-marketing and OOH firm, 70% of UK consumers say they now pay more attention to what is going on around them, particularly in their local areas (65%), making them value outdoor space more than before the pandemic struck.

Two-thirds (64%) say that lockdown has made them realise the importance of their local high street, while half (50%) believe they now have a stronger emotional connection with their local community.

These findings are based on a survey of 1,025 British adults, aged 18 to 55, that was conducted at the end of September immediately after further national restrictions were introduced from September 24th.

The study, entitled “The Mobility Mindset”, revealed that this increased sense of appreciation for out-of-home space and local community is felt most keenly by those who have recently been required to work from home (68%), Londoners (68%), parents (64%) and younger consumers aged 18 to 34 (62%).

And this seems to be making consumers more open to out-of-home advertising because 40% of respondents say they feel more favourable or positive towards brands that currently use OOH than before the pandemic.

According to Posterscope, this is “largely because consumers have more confidence in brands currently using the medium and being proactive in turbulent times. Simultaneously, outdoor advertising has a strong community connection”.

Posterscope also said that, in the past month, 45% of those surveyed have responded to an OOH ad, rising to 53% of 18-34-year olds, 57% of parents and 66% of Londoners.

In addition, two-thirds (66%) said they would respond to an OOH ad out of interest, although they are more likely to go online to search and review than in pre-COVID days.

“As people spend more work, shopping and leisure time in and around their communities, they are noticing and engaging more with their local environment, including out of home advertising,” said Glen Wilson, Posterscope’s group MD.

“This heightened sense of awareness is amplifying the medium’s underlying attributes, strengthening its ability to make more powerful and emotional connections between people and the brands using it,” he added.

Sourced from Posterscope