Marketers are being offered new ways to tap into the popularity of K-Pop as Twitter aims to become the number one spot for fans to keep up to date with K-Pop news in real time.

Twitter will be offering brands the chance to reach the fan base that watches K-Pop content on the platform with pre-roll video ads, Branding In Asia reported.

Twitter says the initiative will not only increase the profit of video content copyright holders, but also allow easier and more direct access for advertisers to a young and engaged audience.

Nielsen Brand Effect Data has shown that audiences who view In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter score 60% more for Ad Recall, 30% more Brand Awareness and 5% more Purchase Intent, compared to those who didn’t see the same ads.

“In-Stream Video Ads and Sponsorships for K-Pop content will be the new marketing opportunity for brand advertisers to target young, high-engagement consumer audiences in the global market,” said Yeonjeong Kim, Head of Global Content Partnerships in Twitter Korea.

“In particular, we will focus on providing live #TwitterBluerooms, behind the scenes of K-Pop artists as well as K-Pop music content that has strong entertainment value and high cultural influential power on Twitter.”

#BlueRoom is a platform that hosts interviews, Q&As, performances, and special events to connect stars and fans; K-Pop stars EXO in November last year had an audience of 1.5 million, a record for the most-watched K-Pop #TwitterBlueroom.

Meanwhile, the Korea Herald reported on how the reach of K-Pop’s biggest stars goes far beyond the kind of brands that may readily spring to mind, with marketers for Korean banks among the biggest fans.

Banks have found aligning themselves with K-Pop celebs to be an effective way of ridding themselves of a rather stuffy, conservative image. And what were once felt to be odd bedfellows have since grown in popularity.

The bank KB Kookmin Bank recently renewed its sponsorship contract with boy band BTS following a year of successful marketing. And Woori Bank recently announced a deal with all-girl K-Pop band Blackpink.

Explaining the appeal of K-Pop partnerships, an official for KB Kookmin Bank said the leverage from such deals goes beyond mere sales, as BTS had attracted many new, young followers to the bank’s social network channels.

“This will lay the foundation for future customer base in the age of globalization and digitalization,” the official said.

Sourced from Branding in Asia, Korea Herald; additional content by WARC staff