Wellness, self-care, burnout and stress will have some or significant impact in the development of the 2021 marketing strategy for 80% of respondents to a survey for the WARC Marketer’s Toolkit. 

What it means

Being COVID-secure will remain essential; in addition to hygiene measures, brands will need to consider how they can support consumers’ mental health as recession bites.

  • In the WARC survey, 40% of clients said they were developing a new product offering in response to the recession. 
  • For brands with no obvious connection or history in wellness, a partnership can be a successful strategy, adding credibility and clout. 
  • Marketers should think of wellness in a broad sense and how their brand can simply make people feel a little better or more in control. 

Key quote

“The conflation of mental and physical health is emerging as a new focal point. Brands helping to improve physical and mental wellbeing will have a stronger resonance with consumers in 2021” – Sarah Owen, senior strategist, WGSN Insight.

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Sourced from WARC