NEW YORK: Taboola, the US content discovery and recommendation firm, has announced that it has formed a partnership with ZTE, the Chinese mobile device maker, to offer a news aggregation service for ZTE customers.

ZTE is an Android mobile device vendor and, in a move widely viewed as a challenge to Apple News, the new agreement with Taboola is expected to enable users to view news and lifestyle stories by simply swiping through screens.

“We create our devices to enable rich experiences that will engage users. From the moment a user wakes their phone, they are looking to engage with something and we want that experience to be personalised and tailored for each user wherever they may be in their day,” said ZTE in a statement.

“I believe the next generation will not look for things, and instead, will live in a world where content, videos and news will be waiting at their fingertips – looking for people,” added Adam Singolda, Taboola’s founder and CEO.

“It’s our mission to power Discovery for consumers and curate these experiences so they are tailored for each person.”

For ZTE, the ninth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, the partnership marks the first time that it has used a personalised news aggregator to drive engagement and revenue.

While for Taboola – whose publishing partners include USA Today, HuffPost and Business Insider, among others – it is hoped the partnership will open new and bigger audiences for its discovery service.

The Wall Street Journal elaborated on the deal, explaining that ZTE will receive a share of ad revenues in return for pre-installing the Taboola aggregator on its phones.

News stories will come from Taboola’s existing network of publishers, who will agree to pay Taboola and ZTE a proportion of the revenue they make when a user clicks on one of Taboola’s recommended links on their websites.

Meanwhile, publishers who are not currently members of Taboola’s network can still participate via a new cost-per-click automated marketplace.

Adam Singolda also told the Journal that the new ZTE feature will differ from Apple News by sending readers directly to publishers’ websites, which reportedly gives publishers greater control over ad sales and engagement with readers.

Sourced from Taboola, ZTE, Wall Street Journal; additional content by WARC staff