Subscription watching delivers a more engaged audience than non-subscription, according to a new study released by Foxtel in partnership with strategic insights consultancy Nature.

“It was critical to us to start that journey to add weight to metrics like engagement and attention, which are commonly discussed but not commonly used,” said Foxtel Media CEO Mark Frain, adding that the research establishes a comprehensive definition of viewing engagement.

On self-reported measures across all viewing occasions, Foxtel audiences are on average 27% more actively engaged than non-subscription TV audiences. Through implicit measurement of natural viewing, the peak engagement for Foxtel viewing was 16% higher than non-subscription TV audiences.

In addition, the study found that more engaging advertising formats drive greater ad recall (up to 11%) for advertising partners. Foxtel’s ad structure format broadcasts 33% fewer minutes of advertising per hour and the lower ad load is also attributed to higher levels of positive engagement and recall from viewers.

Complementary data to the study from personal finance app Humaniti found that Foxtel subscribers spent on average nearly 50% more than non-Foxtel subscribers across 17 different categories.

Frain added: “It should not be surprising that fewer ads and a more highly engaged audience lead to better advertising outcomes. But in today’s highly dynamic and fast-evolving media environment, it is easy to lose sight of the power of higher quality content in delivering advertisers a more valuable proposition.”

The Foxtel study involved qualitative and quantitative research and implicit behavioural measurement of over 3,000 Australians.

Sourced from Mumbrella, B&T