KUALA LUMPUR: Social media is no longer just a marketer’s job, with the channel making a demonstrative business impact across any brand from sales to loyalty, according to new research for Hootsuite, the social media analytics company.

According to the data, 87% of companies in Asia-Pacific markets are tracking and measuring the effectiveness of social media against a set of defined goals – such as “achieving a set amount of fans” – but only 26% of companies surveyed use metrics that directly tie back to business priorities.

“The value of social media stretches beyond marketing, and into the enterprise as a whole,” said Alison Ng, Hootsuite’s South East Asia regional manager, at the recent ASEAN CMO Experience conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“Social is no longer a marketing job… It looks into sales and revenue. It looks into branding, employer branding for the future, and of course, it helps your product and innovation team to really create a competitive edge for your brand,” she added. (For more, read WARC’s in-depth report: Social media in APAC: More than a marketer’s job.)

Ng advised marketers to carefully consider the role of social media at each stage of the purchase journey: a majority of APAC companies are measuring social value at the beginning of the customer journey, such as at the awareness stage (73%), the evaluation stage (63%) and the engagement stage (61%), but only 18% measure it at the advocacy stage.

“If you want to understand your customers, if you want to understand your new prospects, all you have to do is really understand the entire funnel of how it looks and what kind of measurements you need to put together in order for you to then devise your next campaign or strategy as an organisation,” she said.

The Hootsuite-sponsored study was conducted with about 400 senior executives and social media leaders in Australia, Singapore, the US and the UK. Half of the surveyed respondents were based in Asia-Pacific countries.

Sourced from WARC