SAN FRANCISCO: Using promoted tweets on Twitter, the microblog, can significantly strengthen a variety of brand metrics, a panel of industry experts has argued.

Attendees of the ad:tech San Francisco 2013 confererence heard advice on getting the highest engagement level from consumers in a session called, "Social ad crash course: How to create great Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns."

Porsche, the German automaker, was cited as an example of successfully using promoted tweets, according to
Luxury Daily. In a campaign for its 911 model, Porsche compared promoted tweets to non-promoted tweets, and found the former proved 300% more effective.

"Promoted tweets drive strong message association," said Dan Beltramo, executive vice president of product leadership at market researcher Nielsen. "The brand lift is amplified with promoted tweets," he added.

Meanwhile, Gretchen Fox, a social business and emerging media technology consultant, outlined three aspects of successful social media campaigns: targeting the audience, connecting with the audience and converting the audience to consumers.

"It is important to understand where you can find your audience," she said. "Then you really need to think about how people use your product." After that, Fox added, you should "use content in a similar way to how people use your product."

Speakers at the event also reiterated the importance of using branded hashtags in TV commercials in order to carry conversations over to social media.

Panellists said using such hashtags and links in tweets made it easier for consumers to jump into a conversation and explore, making it more likely they would form a deeper relationship with the brand.

"People usually click on the first hashtag or the first link in any post on Twitter," Fox added.

Data sourced from Luxury Daily; additional content by Warc staff