Procter & Gamble, the consumer packaged goods giant, has outlined its "Brand 2030" agenda, an initiative that seeks to facilitate responsible consumption in various ways.

Several blue-chip brands made by P&G – such as Pampers diapers, Ariel laundry detergent and the Herbal Essences haircare range – are already pursuing this program, which has two broad components.

The first is “brand ambition”, whereby a product line will “place strategic social or environmental commitments at the heart of their consumer experience,” according to P&G.

One practical consequence, the company explained, is for brands to “help address a societal challenge where they can uniquely and meaningfully contribute.”

“Brand fundamentals” are the second core element of the “Brand 2030” endeavour, with the aim that P&G’s offerings will “innovate across product and packaging, leverage their voice to promote social and environmental sustainability.”

Just as important in this area is being “transparent about their ingredients and safety science while reducing their supply chain impacts,” P&G said.

“Consumers are no longer willing to compromise performance for living sustainably and they expect brands to take meaningful action in solving some of the most complex challenges facing the world,” said Marc Pritchard, P&G’s Chief Brand Officer.

Ariel’s “ambition”, for example, is “to re-invent a better clean to consume 50% less resources in key impact areas such as energy and water by driving product, service and packaging innovation.”

And the detergent’s “brand fundamentals” include making all packaging recyclable by 2022 and reducing 30% plastic packaging by 2025.

In addition, its marketing goal is to “support the idea of men and women equally sharing housekeeping tasks”, as shown by previous successful campaigns in France and India.

Similarly, Herbal Essences’ “ambition” is to “enable everyone to experience the positive power of nature and to support biodiversity for the benefit of people and the planet.”

Its specific objectives include “leading the way in sharing comprehensive information about its ingredients, transparently explaining their four-step safety process and being recognised by PETA as a cruelty free brand.”

For Pampers, the “ambition” is “to give millions of babies the opportunity for happy healthy development, collaborating with healthcare professionals, parents and NGOs.”

The brand also announced “seven acts for good”, like innovating towards more sustainable products and to lead recycling efforts for diapers and wipes.

Sourced from P&G; additional content by WARC staff