LONDON: The use of out-of-home in advertising campaigns can significantly boost growth in profits and market share while also gaining new customers, a new study suggests.

Industry analyst Peter Field, commissioned by OOH media agency Rapport, examined 147 case studies of effectiveness advertising and marketing campaigns from the IPA’s Effectiveness Awards Databank.

More specifically, he assessed the performance of campaigns investing at least 15% of their budgets in OOH – known as ‘power users’ – versus those that didn’t use the medium.

The results showed that power users reported market share growth 36% higher than those not using OOH, while profit growth was 20% higher. Power users also attracted 15% more new customers.

Further, when looking at the effects of OOH on activation, an uplift of 47% in short-term sales was reported by power users vs. non-users.

Field’s analysis also highlighted how search and social media benefit from the brand fame afforded by OOH. When looking at ‘very large’ business effects, OOH power users boost the effect of search by 54% and social media by 20%.

“Campaigns using OOH deliver sturdier business results and enhance the effectiveness of other media compared to those shunning OOH,” said Field.

His research further demonstrated that power users achieved significantly greater brand uplifts than non-users of OOH, boosting esteem by 41% and fame by 32%.

“The IPA data supports Rapport’s own research, revealing clearly the value of OOH and how it works best: by adding stature and fame to campaigns,” said Field.

“In today’s highly crowded media environment, the impact on consumer brand memory structures is important and valuable,” he added. “Moreover, its flexibility can be exploited to drive both short-term activation effects as well as long-term brand effects.”

Sourced from Rapport; additional content by WARC staff