NEW YORK: The popularity of mobile video has been growing strongly for some time and has finally reached a tipping point, as new figures from Ooyala show that just over half of all video views now take place on a smartphone or tablet

The Global Video Index Q2 2016, based on the collective audience of the online video platform's 500-plus clients, amounting to hundreds of millions around the world, reported a 15% year-on-year rise in mobile video plays, so that they now account for 50.6% of the total.

This development has been on the cards for some time, as smartphones, especially, are adopted in all markets and wi-fi becomes increasingly common, so enabling users to watch mobile video without using up their data plan.

Back in 2013 smartphones and tablets took an equal share of mobile video plays, but smartphones now claim a 43% share, compared to the 8% of tablets.

And while future growth will inevitably be slower, there remains plenty for room for expansion, the report said, much of it driven by younger consumers. "whose first screen is – and always will be – a mobile one".

In tandem with this trend, the report noted that pre-roll ad impressions are continuing to migrate toward mobile devices.

Publishers had the highest level of pre-roll impressions on computers (50.4%), followed by mobile phones (31.8%) and tablets (17.7%).

For broadcasters, computer pre-roll ad impressions remained near half (49.5%), with mobile phones (20.2%) ahead of tablets (15.4%) and smart TVs (14.9%).

Ad completion rates generally were highest among broadcasters, reaching 95% for pre-rolls viewed on smart TVs, ahead of computers (91%), tablets (90%) and mobile phones (87%).

For publishers, pre-roll ad completion rates were also highest on smart TVs, albeit at a lower level of 83%; then came tablets (81%), computers (76%) and mobile phones.

Ooyala attributed the difference to broadcasters having premium content that is often specifically requested.

Data sourced from Oooyala; additional content by Warc staff