BEST OF 2017: WARC’s Best Practice portfolio has grown significantly in the past year to include a wide range of topics, although the most-read paper was about a particular demographic which remains vital to marketers.

How to market to Millennials offered five principles for marketing campaigns, including communicating a meaningful purpose for a brand, being authentic, leveraging digital content and social media effectively, rewarding Millennial consumers with access to unique experiences and reflecting a diverse, multicultural society.

The second most-read paper followed from one of those principles: How to use social media effectively in the media mix advised that strategy be aligned against the different roles each platform plays and that a balance be established between scale and precision.

In third place was How to map the customer journey. This suggested that companies should treat journeys like products and businesses should find out which customer journeys are their most ‘profitable’, in order to embed a product mindset.

Writing an effective creative brief can form the foundation for the disruptive, breakthrough thinking that can really make a difference to a client's business. The fourth most-read paper stressed the need to be concise, clear, consistent and creative.

In fifth place was How to build a luxury brand, which explained the need to adapt to an evolving market comprising digital opportunities, Millennial shoppers, the concept of “affordable” luxury and the necessity of a strong, personalised brand-consumer relationship.

If there are particular topics you would like to see covered by WARC Best Practice papers, please email the Best Practice editor,, with your suggestions.

Sourced from WARC